The situation in Korea 2,5 year after the presidential election

Question: This is a question for Korea. Is Korea on track for moving to the Golden Age after impeachment of the president Park in March 2017, the new president Moon was selected from the people. After two and a half years later with the new president, there has been good progress for some areas, but it has not progressed, or it has not been proceeding well for some areas, especially the legal system. Lately, Korea is under a big struggle between two groups of people for reforming the Public Prosecutions office and installation of the Senior Corruption Investigation unit. Many Koreans believe that the public prosecution office has too much power having both the investigation and prosecution of crimes. Lately, about two months, millions of people in the streets have been demonstrated peacefully like three years ago in Korea. In the meantime, similar numbers of opposite groups oppose these things very strongly and they have been demonstrating also. How do the ascended masters see the current situation in Korea? What can ascended masters students do this time? And Korea students are planning to follow up with the invocations for direct democracy and the legal system of golden age with the new book accepting Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, you need to recognize here that the golden age is a process, not an end result. There is not a point, as I said before, where we say now we have the golden age and before we didn’t, and now it will remain the same for the next until the end of the 2000-year period. It is a process that will go on throughout the next 2000 years. From that perspective, it’s really not necessary to ask is Korea on track. It would be more constructive to ask is Korea making as much progress as it could be making right now. And the answer to that question is actually a yes, with some hesitation.

Of course, there is resistance to change, as you see in these demonstrations. But that is actually to be expected, because at the current level that the earth is at and that Korea is at, society is still polarized into the dualistic camps and so It’s just what you can expect that there will be some opposition to it. And there will always be those who oppose change because they want to maintain status quo.

Those are the ones who are overpowered by the power elite who want to maintain status quo because they don’t want to lose their power. That is why they didn’t want to let go of the previous president who was the kind of president they wanted, because he was corrupt so they could manipulate him. You see that it’s clear that we want a reform of all areas of society, a gradual reform, and we want to reform of the legal system in Korea and most other nations.

You can do exactly what you are doing, make the calls, use these calls specifically for the legal system. But also, other calls we have given for Korea because they all have an impact on raising the collective consciousness. And what really needs to happen here is not primarily every form of the legal system but a raising of the collective consciousness. In other words, you need to recognize that in order to reform the legal system, you need to raise the collective consciousness so that people can accept the need to reform it and accept a new system. You are very much doing the best you can be doing, given the situation, given your numbers, and I commend you for your efforts.


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