The Polish documentary ‘Tell No One’ about pedophilia in the Catholic Church in Poland

Question: Could the Masters comment on pedophilia scandal in Poland and the Polish journalist’s documentary ‘Tell No One’, about pedophilia in the Catholic Church in Poland. Has it had any impact on the collective consciousness of the Polish people in terms of freeing the people from the state of being hypnotized by church positions in our culture and tradition?

Kim: OK. So, the background for this is that Poland is a very, very Catholic country. Probably the most Catholic country, definitely in Europe, maybe in the world. The church has a very, very strong position. And up until just this year, there has been some awareness that there was a pedophilia problem in the church, but it’s never really been exposed. And then this independent journalist, who couldn’t get any funding from state media, he did crowdfunding and he made this documentary about the pedophilia problem, and even talk to certain priests who had had done these things. And it has had over 20 million views I think, on YouTube, and it’s really created a stir in Poland. So that’s the practical background for it.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Yes, it has had a tremendous impact in the collective consciousness. Now there are of course, people who are in such a state of fanaticism, to use the word that is the theme for this conference, about the Catholic Church, that they could just go into denial. Anything that comes up about the church, that questions the church in any way, they consider it a criticism of the church, and they have decided in their minds that no criticism of the church could ever be valid, because the church has to be the perfect institution. Because otherwise, how could they be saved when they have come to believe that their salvation depends on the church. Therefore, they go into denial about it. And there are, of course, many such people in Poland for whom the documentary hasn’t really shifted their perspective.

But this isn’t really a problem in the sense that, these are not the people, the closed-minded people are not the people who change a country. The people who change a nation are the people who are open. And there are many, many people who either were open before or have become open after seeing this documentary. And they have suddenly realized that there is a real problem.

Now you can look at this and say: “Why did it take so long? Why didn’t they realize this a long time ago, when it has been realized in other countries?” But every country has its own collective consciousness, and it needs to go through its own process before people are ready to have that shift. And definitely there has been a shift. The question is, of course always, that you can pull people out of their normal, everyday awareness. This is something you see on the spiritual path as well. You can pull people out of their normal everyday awareness and give them an experience, that there is something more. But then when they go back into their normal, everyday awareness, how do they then interpret the experience? Do they use the experience to raise their normal state of consciousness? Or do they, as Peter did with Jesus, use their present level of consciousness to force the experience to fit into their worldview. There’s always the potential that even though there is an exposure like this, many people will initially be open to it. And then as time goes by, they will find ways to explain it away or say it’s not really such a big problem, it’s not really so important. But still, it’s clear that if you look at what happened in the United States, Australia, Ireland, and now Poland, there has been a shift, and it may take a certain time, before it really has the full impact in terms of changing the church or the church’s position in society.

But it’s clear that all of the Polish people cannot go back to the way it was before. And therefore there will be progress. And it is not so that you should look for an immediate change. But you should realize that this is the start of a process that will take time and will go through several stages. But this documentary was the turning point for Poland. As in some cases, other documentaries have been in other nations. There always comes that turning point where the change becomes irreversible. And this has definitely happened in Poland.


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