The Olympic games

Question: How do the ascended masters view high level or elite sporting competitions such as the Olympic games, World Cup football or European champions in football? Why is there such a high value placed on winning a gold medal, scoring the winning goal, holding up the trophy cup, etcetera? Why do certain individuals invest so much of themselves and their lives to attain a level of technical excellence in a chosen sporting field and what is the consciousness behind the mass adulation for major sporting figures and spectacular international sporting events?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

Well, we have previously commented on the Olympic games and they have a value of bringing people together in what should originally have been a spirit of friendly competition. But of course, this has become rather unfriendly competition especially after the emergence of the Soviet Union and China where they used sport as a way to promote the superiority of their system. And you see, of course, also nations that have made winning sporting competitions part of their national pride and you see certain nations that in general have a very competitive mindset such as the United States which is what causes individuals to invest so much of their lives in winning these sporting competitions whereas in the other states it is more that they are pushed by the state into performing in order to giving prestige to the state.

It is an open question whether the Olympic games brings the world together or pulls the world farther apart. Certainly many of the soccer competitions push nations apart because they are such intense competition and such unbalanced prestige related to winning them. But on the other hand these competitions do focus people’s attention. And they can bring people together in a country when their team does well and it brings people together when there is one of these worldwide events. I will not say it is a negative at the present level of the collective consciousness it is just one of these things that we need to accept and then over time gradually transform it into a less competitive, less prestige oriented activity.


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