The need to be special and the fear of being wrong 

Question: Could the Masters elaborate about the connections of these old spirits that want to be special and superior and they do not want to be wrong. There seems to be a connection between these two. In a way, that ‘don’t want to be wrong spirit’ seems to be a consequence of the former: I want to be special and superior. Is this true?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we have given teachings that spirits often are created in pairs. You can see that, when you have the desire to be superior, it follows that if you are proven wrong, then how can you really be superior to those who are right. Now, of course, there is the whole artificial construct of right and wrong, which as Gautama Buddha and many of us have explained, is meaningless. But nevertheless, to the spirits, it is still very meaningful and has some ultimate importance.

It is clear that there has been a certain consciousness that started with the fallen beings where, the reason they fell was that they would not admit, not necessarily that they were wrong, but that they had made choices that limited themselves. They would not admit that they had built a certain sense of superiority, but it was an illusion. In order to maintain the state of mind that they went into when they fell, they can never admit that they were wrong. And we might say that for the fallen beings, their entire basis for feeling superior is that they can never be wrong.

Now, this consciousness has been taken by them to earth. It has been on the earth for a long time. It has affected life on earth very much, there are strong beasts in the collective consciousness. Many people who are not fallen beings have taken on this belief. Many avatars have come to believe it as well. Partly because of what I just talked about, you came to earth with the best of intentions, you were rejected by people. And, the fallen beings were often involved with this, making you feel that you were wrong for coming to earth, you should not have come to earth.

Many of you also had this shock of not only having the birth trauma and a specific reaction, but also stepping back and thinking, was I wrong to come to earth, should I not have come here? Some of you had that feeling of fearing that you were wrong. You have taken on this consciousness of not wanting to be ever proven wrong again, even as avatars. This is very close to the same consciousness that the fallen beings are in.

Now, you have not fallen, so it is not as solidified in your mind as it is in the fallen beings. But you need to work on this as avatars, and come to a point where you are willing to be wrong. You are willing, first of all, to admit that you have done certain things that were not constructive, that were limiting you, that did not achieve the end that you wanted, and therefore you need to change.

But you also need to come to a point where you are willing to be wrong in the eyes of other people, and you can be completely non attached to it. Because you know they are judging you based on their state of consciousness, they are applying a dualistic value judgment. And you realize that, even though you are wrong in the eyes of human beings on earth, you are not wrong in the eyes of the ascended masters. Because again, your intentions are pure, your intentions for coming here were pure, you were not wrong for coming to earth. It does not matter if all people on earth think you are wrong, according to their standard, when that standard is an illusion.

It is very true that, in order to free yourself from this entire conglomerate of selves, you need to look at both. You need to look at them as forming a certain polarity, reinforcing each other. But the real key here is actually, to overcome the desire to be special. If you are not special, what does it matter that you are wrong? Because, being wrong, according to an earthly standard, does not detract from who you are. And being right, according to an earthly standard, does not make you special or superior. Because the earthly standard is unreal.

It might be helpful to go through a period, as this messenger has gone through, of considering that he is not different from most other people. He is not special, he is not superior. He had a need to feel special when he was young, as most spiritual people have. But he has looked at this and realized that there is nothing special about him. And he does not have a need to feel special according to any standard on earth. And in the Christ mind, there is no standard for some people being more special than others, because the Christ mind realizes that all life is one. How can there be some people who are special, when all life is one and all came from the same source, and all have the same potential to grow? You can say some are more mature, some have expanded their self awareness more than others. But it does not make them better according to a dualistic value judgment, it does not make them special or superior.

When you can let go of these selves, you will feel like an immense weight has been lifted off from you. Because now, you no longer have to live up to this standard of the fallen beings, of how you could never be wrong. You never have this tension of always being concerned about whether you are wrong, whether somebody thinks you are wrong, or did something wrong.

You can just say: “Well, I have a right to be on earth. I have a right to be in my present level of consciousness. I have a right to make choices based on my present level of consciousness, and what I see and do not see. And I have a right to look at the consequences of my choices and use them to transcend my present level of consciousness, instead of going into this entire artificial evaluation of whether it was right or wrong, what I did.” As Maitreya said, in a dictation during the Christhood webinar, you cannot make wrong choices if you are willing to look at the consequences, and see how they can help you grow. Any choice that helps you grow cannot be wrong, how could it be wrong? Growth is the purpose of life.


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