The Me Too Movement

Question: Can the masters please comment on the Me Too Movement and the most recent woman’s movement in America? Is this something that is consequential to further liberating women or is it another division tactic?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in  2018.

Well, the Me Too Movement is certainly a necessary step in the raising of the collective awareness. Let’s take as an example – the movie industry: Anybody who has been involved with the movie industry over the last several decades has known that certain directors, certain actors, certain of the money people, have abused their positions of power to take sexual advantage of women, even of men but mostly women.

This is something that has been a so-called public secret for a long time in the movie industry among the insiders and it was absolutely necessary that it became a real public not secret and that there was the raising of awareness of this.

It was absolutely necessary that these women would speak out. It was absolutely necessary for their individual healing process. But it was also part of their divine plan that they had vowed to go in, take this on and be exposed to this in order to raise awareness about it. So clearly it is the right step and it is actually way beyond the time when this ideally could have happened.

Because one must really look at some of these directors that have for several decades gotten away with this, who have bought their way out, bought the silence from those they have abused and say, “How could this go on for so long? How could they get away with it? Why wasn’t there somebody who looked at the emperor and said, ‘He’s got nothing on’?” So it’s necessary not only in the movie industry—certainly in the political field, certainly in the religious field, as you see the exposure of more and more of these sexual abuses by the Catholic church.

Now can any movement be used for division? Yes, of course. Anything can be taken too far. Anything can become unbalanced but that’s also part of the process, my beloveds. What have we attempted to give you during this conference? There’s no final result here that we are working toward. The result is the raising of awareness. So how do you raise awareness? Not by suppressing anything. Not by not doing things. How do you learn? By experimenting. By doing something, seeing the result then refining your approach based on the results. If you hadn’t done it, if you hadn’t dared to step forward and experiment, how would you learn?

So again, yes, of course, you can go back and look at the early days of the women’s movement and see that some women were very—or at least became at some point—very militant feminists and you can see that this was unbalanced. But again, it was a necessary stage because what you often see, as we have said before, is that when something new happens, the first people who create the movement are often quite unbalanced. This is necessary because you have some people—take the people in the movie industry—that are very, very unbalanced in terms of abusing women but also wanting to keep this secret.

So you have some very unbalanced people who have created a situation and often it takes people who are unbalanced to the opposite extreme to break the deadlock and get things moving. Then gradually you can have, ideally, more balanced people who step in so that it doesn’t become divisive, so that there isn’t this dualistic battle but you actually help raise the collective consciousness and you find a more balanced way to look at this.

You’re in a situation right now where these people have abused women for a very long time and it’s necessary to get them exposed to the media, take them to court and clearly they will resist this. They will attempt to destroy the women who are speaking forward, destroy them psychologically, destroy their credibility and the women will probably, at least some of them, go into a very dualistic battle of proving that they were right.

So you will have this dualistic battle going on and it will be divisive for a time but in the long run it is necessary to focus awareness on this and to get to a point where the public will basically say, “We cannot allow this to go on. We cannot have a movie industry that is based on a systematic abuse of women. We cannot have a Catholic church that has a systemic problem of allowing priests to abuse children. We cannot allow businessmen or politicians to systematically abuse their secretaries and other things like that.”

When you focus attention on this and process it, then gradually the collective consciousness will shift to the point where people will begin to realize they cannot get away with this.

In the beginning the abusers will simply say, “Well I have to stop this because I’m going to be exposed and I don’t want to ruin my career.” This is of course, not the highest response but there will come a point where this abuse simply fades away. There will come a new generation that, from the very beginning, has considered it impossible or simply not something they would do – to abuse people that way. That is how consciousness shifts and how a society moves forward.


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