The lesson behind the COVID pandemic

Question: What are the important lessons that COVID taught the world? As ascended master students, how do we continue to support raising this awareness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

Well, I would propose that we redefine the question to say: “What are the important lessons that COVID could have taught the world?” Because the reality is that, for many people in the world, COVID did not teach them anything and one big reason for this is that so many people became the victims of these conspiracy theories, and therefore, took an ideological approach instead of an intuitive approach. I am not saying that all people should have been vaccinated, but I am saying that no person should have refused vaccination based on an ideological approach that comes from a conspiracy theory that is completely unfounded.

It would have been far better for people to tune into their intuition, and, as we have said before, only if you are in a neutral state of mind can you get accurate intuition, and if people would have done this, then, many lives could have been saved. But some of the important lessons that have been learned, by at least some people both in government and private people, is that a situation like this really requires a sense of community and a sense of social responsibility where each person does his or her part to improve the situation by taking the practical measures that are recommended by governments because even though they are not 100 percent effective, they are still better than doing nothing. There are nations who have strengthened their sense of social responsibility, and there are nations where only some people have strengthened it whereas others have actually decreased their sense of social responsibility. This is especially the case in the United States where so many people subscribe to these conspiracy theories about the disease.

But many nations have also learned the need to cooperate, and what many nations are beginning to learn is that in situations like this it is necessary to have and demand honesty and transparency. It is clear that if China had been more forthcoming in the beginning of the pandemic much suffering, and death could have been avoided, and there is a need which has not manifested yet to put more pressure on China so that they acknowledge that they cannot allow something like this to repeat itself. China is, of course, also in the beginning stages of realizing that the ideological approach that led to zero COVID was flawed and was unbalanced and that it actually did not save lives, but it did damage the economy severely. There is a potential that China can eventually come to question this authoritarian approach and, thereby, avoid moving further and further into this authoritarianism promoted by the current leadership.

What ascended master students could do was, of course, to make calls in decrees and invocations that the world would learn the lessons and tune in to the ascended masters, but there are so many other priorities that this must be something you decide on an individual basis.


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