The educational system needs to be constantly adjusted and adapted as the consciousness is raised

Question: Mother Mary, are there incarnated messengers of the ascended masters in education now as was Maria Montessori? In which countries can we see examples of new education?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well again it depends on how you define messengers. If you define it in the strict sense that you are taking a dictation then that’s a very narrow definition of messengers. The more broad definition is that anybody who is able to tune into the ascended masters and receive an idea is in a sense a messenger. If you use that definition then there are certainly messengers in the field of education as there are messengers in every field.

They are found in a variety of different countries; the United States is certainly one country where there are some people who have brought forth new ideas, Canada as well but there are of course other countries where they have brought forth educational methods specific for a certain culture or country.

You have to recognize again that we are not seeking to bring forth one absolute educational system that should be applied in all nations of earth. We recognize that there are different groups of people, they have different backgrounds and therefore they need different educational systems. So we have messengers, so to speak, for particular cultures and countries. So it isn’t a matter of me saying that this particular educational method is the highest one and therefore all should apply that. It’s a matter of you tuning into what do you feel applies to your nation, your culture, your group of people that they need that they can apply that will take them to the next step.

Many of the educational methods are not meant to be some final absolute method that will endure for a thousand years. Many of the methods that are being released and this goes for education as for any other field, are interim stages that are meant to take humankind from the level they’re at now to the next level up. Then they will be ready for a higher approach and so on and so forth. Not even into the Golden Age but throughout the Golden Age. As Saint Germain has said, the Golden Age is not something that will happen all at once or that means that once the Golden Age is there progress stops. It is a process that will continue for the next 2,000 years, so education as with any field, will continue to evolve and new methods will need to be brought forth and old methods will need to be constantly adjusted and adapted as the consciousness is raised.

You recognize here that the real goal is to raise the collective consciousness and when the consciousness is raised to a certain level then either a new method needs to be applied or the old method needs to be adjusted based on the higher level of consciousness.


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