The current situation in Burkina Faso and other African countries 

Question: Since the former president Blaise Compaoré was chased from power (this is in Burkina Faso), the country has been in total unrest. Some people are even now regretting his departure, while others, like me still believe it was a good thing, because he had been in power for over 20 years. My question is: What is the reason for the surge of terrorism in Burkina Faso, since Blaise Compaoré left? Is there a karma we are paying for? What can I do as an ascended master student to transcend the consciousness behind terrorism in my country?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

My beloved, it’s never really constructive to look back and say that we wish we had kept a dictator. You will see historically, in many countries around the world, that there has been a situation where a dictator has been in power for many years. And through the force of suppressing people, there has been a certain amount of stability in a country, a certain level of stability. And then when the dictator either died or was removed, there was often a period of unrest before the country started a new, more constructive phase of growth.

This isn’t to say that it always is necessary to have this after a dictator leaves. But it is often so that in a country that has a dictator, there are many divisions among the people, there are many factions. And it is this division among the people that often allows a dictator to take power. Once the dictator is there, he suppresses the conflict between various groups of people. And this gives a certain stability, it’s a forced stability, but it is stability. When a dictator is removed, then of course, the old animosities, the old conflicts spring up.

In terms of Africa, you have a very complex situation there. First of all, you still have, in many countries, a certain tribal consciousness that hasn’t been transcended and replaced by a national consciousness. You still have these tribes that have been warring amongst each other for a very long time, and that are still doing so now.

But added to this mix, you must be realistic and say that there are also external influences. There are, of course, large international, multinational corporations, who have various mining or other interests, and who are not beyond arming certain groups in order to give them an advantage. You also have to recognize that China and Russia have a quite aggressive policy of wanting to go into African countries in order to get resources, especially China is very concerned about having enough resources for their industry.

And they are not beyond, again, fueling political tensions in African countries in order to move those countries in the direction that they see as advantageous for themselves. I cannot give you a logical, rational explanation for why they are doing this because their reasons are not logical or rational. They are highly colored by their perception filters.

But you do, of course, in many African nations have this karma that goes back to these tribal wars that have been going on sometimes for centuries. What can you do about this as an ascended master student? You can seek to raise your consciousness to transcend any kind of tribal consciousness, dualistic state of consciousness, and you can of course, make the calls.

Now, again, I must tell you that there are many African countries where a few ascended master students cannot have a major impact on the country, because these countries, unfortunately, are in the school of hard knocks. And these groups that are warring with each other need, unfortunately, to experience some very hard knocks before they come to the conclusion that they have had enough of this, before a majority of the people come to the conclusion that they have had enough of this and they want a better country, a better society to live in.

I cannot be particularly optimistic about many of these countries in Africa. You have, unfortunately, a situation where many of these countries are on the edge of conflict. South Africa, for example, is a country where the corona crisis can really push things over the edge, so that you see you see major unrest in the country. But the same is the case in several other countries.


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