Spiritual organisations and collective spirits

Question: Can you please comment on such things as egregore, which is a concept representing a thought form or thoughts influencing a group of people. How is it creating spiritual organizations, effects while praying, is it useful and harmful and do we create some egregore as well doing the rosaries?  

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

What we can say as a general idea is that any time people come together and put their attention on the same thing they will start to create an entity or a spirit because they’re directing energy into a certain matrix and they are endowing it with a certain state of consciousness. It is as you have correctly intuited; the creation of a spirit. Just as you can create this individually, people can of course create it collectively.

Now the question is whether this is necessarily a good thing or not a good thing, well that depends on how the people create it. What is their level of consciousness, what is their vision, their purpose? You will see that throughout history you have of course many, many examples of how people have created these very powerful collective spirits. The Soviet Union had a very powerful collective spirit that could overpower individuals. Nazi Germany had a similar spirit and in a sense you could say that the Second World War was beyond the physical fight, it was at the energetic level, a fight between these collective spirits and it was just a matter of one spirit running out of energy and that nation lost and another nation won.

Of course you can also look at some positive examples, in the sense that if people come together around a positive purpose they create a spirit that has a certain momentum that then makes it easier for people to attain a certain goal or even can make it easier for individuals to attain something. For example you can have the organization such as Alcoholics Anonymous that has made it easier for people to overcome or at least subdue the alcohol addiction because other people have done it before them.

Of course you will also see that in a spiritual organization even an ascended master organization, there is a certain collective spirit that is created. It can have beneficial effects – for example in a previous ascended master organization where they gave many, many hours of decrees, they had created what they called a very powerful decree momentum but this was of course also a collective spirit. Now you could say this wasn’t a destructive spirit but you can still see that even in a spiritual movement once you create a collective spirit it sets the movement, the organization on a certain track and it will have certain effects.

One is that it can overpower the minds of individuals and cause more people to conform to the organizational culture. Master More for example said in Kazakhstan about a previous ascended master organization that they had developed a very judgemental culture and this was a collective spirit that could then overpower the minds of individuals. Another effect of such a collective spirit is that it will actually prevent some people from coming into the organization. Many people who are more heart based, non-judgemental people could sense this collective spirit of judgement and didn’t want to enter the organization for that reason. Others took the stand that this messenger took, that he sensed the spirit but he also knew that the light was being released through the dictations and therefore he decided to be there anyway.

So it is certainly something to be aware of. Now we have not created a fixed organization and one of the purposes is that we want to avoid this. We would like a sufficient number of students of this dispensation to reach a certain level of being free of the birth trauma and the internal spirits to where you can create more of a sense of community without creating a collective spirit that has a certain colouring or that might start trying to force people into conformity with a certain vision and matrix.

We would like to see the formation of a spiritual community where people are free and where they don’t create a collective spirit that is limiting but can create something that is a more positive momentum. It is of course even a higher goal to have a spiritual organization without creating a collective entity, a collective spirit because it isn’t absolutely necessary but it requires you to be free enough in your minds where you can avoid this.


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