Slowing down aging

Question: Is it possible to transcend aging at this time in our evolution or does it lead into a blind alley to seek this at this time? I sense that aging is a result of our dualistic or unhealthy behavior and inability to be the open door for our I AM. As we ascend in consciousness, will immortality be a by-product of the path or is it simply just a longer lifespan? Will some of the ascended master students be the first people to transcend aging? Do we have this potential? Did Jesus transcend aging? If we did not age, what would that mean for humans? How would we leave the planet?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

Well, you need to make a distinction here between aging and immortality because these are two different things. You can certainly slow down the aging process and there are many ascended master students who have given a lot of violet flame who look younger than their actual age. But in terms of immortality, that is an unrealistic goal, partly because it will never be realistic in the physical octave in an unascended sphere but also because of the density of the collective consciousness and the density of matter on earth.

You can certainly slow down aging and you can see, of course, that the lifespan has been increasing in many nations and it will continue to increase as new knowledge of the body and new healing technologies are brought forth. It is not unrealistic that within the foreseeable future that average lifespan will go over 100 years even up to as high as 120 years. But beyond that it is not practical for a long time to reach. Now, as an ascended master student, why would you want immortality in the physical octave?

Why not simply live out whatever lifespan is specified in your Divine plan and then ascend? The natural process for leaving the planet is to ascend or to reincarnate if you want to stay for another lifetime or two and help bring in the golden age.


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