Self-reinforcing spiral of racism 

Question: Clearly, there are many needed changes required to effectively address racial equity in America. However, it seems clear that there is a paradigm in the minds of people of color that says: “We will not be equal, we will not have what we should have, unless those other people give it to us.” And while millions of people of color have succeeded and have created prosperity, instead of creating a new paradigm of what one can do, all can do, the majority seem to feel powerless and hopeless, because of past injustices and experiences. This then perpetuates the paradigm of the white population that people of color are not willing to help themselves, which in turn seems to validate the perception of racism, and on it goes. What are some of the most essential keys to breaking this vicious cycle?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, you are perfectly correct in your evaluation of this issue. There is indeed a mindset, and we have addressed it briefly before among many people of color, that just because they are people of color, they are disadvantaged from birth. There is, of course, also a very racial attitude among many white people that have a negative view of colored people and their ability. And what needs to be seen by those who are open to it is that these two viewpoints reinforce each other, as you are pointing out.

The racism projected by white people makes people of color feel hopeless, and therefore they do not act in ways that would challenge the racism. It is a self-reinforcing spiral. Now, one of the things that could break this up, but of course is not likely to do so in the short term, is a recognition of reincarnation. When you realize that people have reincarnated many times, and that they often tend to gravitate to similar circumstances because their consciousness attracts them to certain circumstances, then you can get a different view of this process.

Colored people could ask themselves: “Why have I incarnated as a colored person? What does this say about my state of consciousness?” And you can realize that black Africans were brought to America as slaves. But why were they susceptible to becoming slaves, because when they lived in these tribal communities in Africa, they had a passive state of consciousness. They were not willing to take responsibility for themselves and look at what can I do to improve my situation. They lived the same way as their forefathers had lived for generations, even centuries, even thousands of years in these hunter-gatherer or primitive farming cultures. This is what made them vulnerable to becoming captured as slaves, whether by Arabs or Americans, and put in a situation where they did not have to make decisions.

In a sense, you could say that, for many of these people, being slaves in colonial America was an easier life than living in their tribes in Africa, because here they lived in a very structured environment where they had a certain role to fulfill. But if they fulfilled that role, they would have the minimum material requirements for life, and they would have at least some free time. This was an easier life for them, where they did not have to take responsibility, did not have to make decisions.

The question is, have some of the more passive among the colored people transcended that consciousness since the abolishment of slavery. And if they have not, what could they do to transcend it? This, I realize is not a message that will be readily accepted by most colored people, but it is the message that could liberate them, and help them raise their consciousness.

Now, you also need to be very careful to recognize that not all colored people are in this passive state of mind. The soul is beyond the physical body. That is the real value of the teachings on reincarnation. You might indeed have incarnated as a black person for many lifetimes, but you may not. You may have been reincarnated in a passive state of mind for many lifetimes, but you may not. You may, whether you were colored or white in your past lives, have been in a very self-reliant, active state of mind in your last lifetime. What you chose is to embody as a color person in America in this lifetime in order i to demonstrate that colored people can raise themselves above the passive state of mind. There are certainly two kinds of people, main groups of people, embodying as colored people in America.

Now there are, of course, also different kinds of people embodying as white people in America. You have, when you look at history, a certain group of people in the world who have tended to set themselves up as either slave owners or, as in other ways, having power and privileges compared to other people who are doing the menial work. Some of the people who embodied in America in this lifetime were people who in often many past lifetimes, were embodied other places in the world as some kind of elite, where they felt superior to others. That is why they have developed this attitude that you can call racism, which is also a sense of superiority to other people based on physical criteria.

You may say that, well certainly, many of the white people in America who are racists are not part of an elite today. They are not particularly rich, they are not part of any noble class or anything like that. Why is that? Well, it is because these people need to overcome that mindset, and that is why they have embodied in America without being rich or having any position. There are not as many positions in America as in some other countries, because there is no aristocracy in America, for example. There is an economic financial aristocracy, to some degree, a political aristocracy.

Many of these people were aristocrats in their past lives, and now they have embodied as “ordinary Americans” in order to give them, or force themselves to have an opportunity to overcome this aristocratic mindset. It is not necessarily a racist mindset in the sense that it is focused on race. It is an aristocratic mindset where “I belong to an elite.” Saying that it is the black people that are inferior is just an excuse. There are many other contexts where the aristocratic mindset uses other criteria to make some people inferior to the aristocracy. It is just about what works in that particular culture.

What you can see is that the purpose of having this interaction between white and colored people is to give both an opportunity to transcend the mindset they have been stuck in for a long time. You see that in some of the former slave states, you have these souls who incarnated, some who have been slaves for a long time, some who have been aristocrats for a long time, and this is to give them an opportunity to overcome this. Now, there are of course white people who have incarnated because they have overcome the aristocratic mindset or they never had it, so they have incarnated as white people in order to demonstrate that you can be a white person living in a southern state without having a racist or an aristocratic mindset.

These ideas could help people if they were open to them. As it is, many will not be, and that is why you again have the school of hard knocks where you have seen in the last several years, tensions growing. You have seen how the Trump presidency inflated these tensions, because there is a group of people in America who believe that America should be ruled by white men. They are not all former slave owners or former aristocrats. There is a certain group of them that are actually Christian ministers who are evangelical or fundamentalist Christians and who also believe that white men should rule America as they have traditionally done, or so they at least think. You have this entire culture, and Donald Trump managed to speak to these people in a way that made them think that now was their time to take back America, and to make America great again, meaning ruled by white men.

This is, of course, a process that only inflates the tensions and racial tensions, so the question simply is, how extreme does that have to become? How much violence has to ensue, as you have seen the corona pandemic has created violence against Asians, and as you saw the police brutality created violence in the other direction. The question is simply how much violence does there need to be before people begin to question the mindset behind it. Ultimately, you can say that the extreme outcome of racism or the aristocratic mindset in America is this idea that America should be ruled by white men. What you really need to ask about that mindset is, why should America be ruled by white men. Why?

What is America, it is a melting pot of people from all over the world, and that is its strength. That is the strength of America. The diversity is what built America. Uniformity is what you had in Europe, and what caused the European societies to stagnate for centuries. Why do you think replicating that uniformity in America will cause America to continue to grow rather than stagnate, as it is already doing to some degree?

The reality here is that the key to manifesting the Golden Age in America is not white men. It is to have a diversity of people from many different backgrounds as part of the government. Certainly, some of them will be white, some of them will be men, some of them will be white men, but there will be many other people that need to be involved. We might say that if there is one factor that could change that equation in a nonviolent way, it would be elect more women to Congress.

Women are, of course, not as susceptible, even though some are, to this mindset that white men should rule America. You can see the gross difference between the number of women in America and the number of women in Congress. You can see this is not sustainable. If you had more women in the legislative bodies, then you clearly would have a more balanced approach to the racial issue as well. If you take a look at the political parties in America today, you can see that clearly the Democratic Party is more open to giving women influence. As you saw that the current white man who is President elected a colored woman has Vice President.


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