Question about needing glasses

Question: What is the spiritual cause behind needing glasses or contacts to augment one’s vision? Is there a way to fix this spiritually instead of physically using lasik eye surgery as doctors currently prescribe?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019

Well, reaching back to my previous answer. It needs to be balanced by the fact that there are certain conditions in the physical that are there because of the density of the physical realm, the current level of the collective consciousness. And so I do not want people to think that: Oh, I should be able to change my mind and fix this condition. And if I can’t, it shows that I’m not at a high enough level of consciousness.

You see that the ego can take anything we say and turn it into a way to put yourself down and make yourself feel inadequate. If you have a certain condition, whatever disease it is, whether it’s the eyes or something else, if you have appendicitis, you obviously need to have your appendix removed, instead of thinking that you can go into some kind of meditation and fix this problem. You make use of whatever technological means are there. We are not in any way encouraging people to go into faith healing or go into denying the reality of an illness and thereby pushing it into the higher realms.

We are saying: Be practical, be prudent, make use of the technological advances that are available in your time. And then also seek to work on your psychology. If you have a problem of needing glasses, it’s not really a life-threatening condition. So, get the glasses, get the surgery, whatever you prefer, and then continue to work on your deeper psychological issues. It may be that that will, over time resolve the issue so you don’t need the glasses but the primary thing is your spiritual growth. Generally, you can look at this and go back to Jesus’ statement: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s”.

In other words, as a spiritual person, as an ascended master student, you realize that the primary aspect of your life is your spiritual growth, which really means we’re solving the deep psychology.  This is your primary goal.

But you don’t ignore the practical aspects of life. You find a way to say: Well, I need to have a place to live, I need to have a certain income. That means I need to get a job, start a business, do whatever. And I need to take care of my physical body. And I also need to do things that are enjoyable in life. So, we are not preaching the Via Dolorosa where you think you are a spiritual person and you can’t enjoy any aspect of physical life.

And that’s why we encourage you to find a certain balance there where you take care of the physical, practical needs and activities instead of thinking that you should solve everything through the spiritual aspect of life. It’s not realistic, for example, as many people do, to create a treasure map or to try to go into visualization in order to manifest the supply that you need to in order to survive.

You also need to be practical and say: Well, I need to send out some job applications or I need to start a business or whatever. And this may take some time that takes your attention away from spiritual activities, but in the long run, it can free up your attention to focus on spiritual activities once you have a job—once you have a business established.

You have to find that balance there, where you don’t think that all problems need to be solved by spiritual means, because there are some problems that are easily solved by practical means. And so you take those practical steps. And instead of thinking you should solve a problem with spiritual means where you refuse to get glasses and you go around for 10 years not being able to see—well then get the glasses, then focus on your spiritual growth so you can actually read the books and then maybe there will be a solution to the problem but if there isn’t, it’s not taking away from your spiritual growth.

In other words, look at all of these practical issues and say: “Well, what’s the simplest way to deal with them, so they don’t take my attention and time away from my spiritual growth? And then do that. Instead of going the other way around thinking you have to spend hours a day decreeing, which is much more time consuming than buying a pair of glasses.


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