No need for a (physical) one-world government

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Question: I understand that nations need to cooperate on a global scale in order to establish peace. Does the United States have to give up her sovereignty and fully engage in the U.N. policies in its current structure?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

No member of the ascended masters has any desire to see the United States give up her sovereignty as a nation. There are many nations on this planet that are truly ordained by the ascended masters, and the United States is one of them. I am not hereby saying that every nation currently in existence is ordained by us. I am merely saying that a large number of the current nations are ordained, and we of the ascended masters want them to remain as separate nations.

One of my most important sayings is, “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.” There are currently a number of groups on this planet, and most of them are unknown to the general public, who are using considerable power and influence in an attempt to bring about a one-world government. The vision behind such a government is that it will supersede or eradicate all sovereign nations and therefore become the ultimate force that can secure peace on earth.

This attempt to establish one nation is very similar to the age-old attempt to establish one religion as the only religion on earth. This is a dream of establishing a forced, or horizontal, unity among people. As I state throughout this website, the main problem on planet earth is that humankind is caught in the dualistic state of consciousness. In this state of consciousness people see differences as threats, and therefore they become the source of conflict. People think that the way to eradicate conflict is to eradicate differences. In other words, they attempt to create unity through sameness.

Let me state with absolute clarity that this is truly the way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of spiritual death.

The way of the ascended masters is to establish a higher form of unity, a vertical unity. This unity begins with the recognition that you are a spiritual being who is directly connected to your spiritual source. The next step is the recognition that all other people are also spiritual beings with a direct connection to the same spiritual source. When a critical mass of people attain this recognition, the consciousness of humankind will be raised, and you will begin to see the formation of a universal brother/sisterhood, the one body of God on earth.

When you transfer this to the national scale, you must begin by recognizing that a particular nation is truly a nation under God, meaning that it is established under the direction of and sponsored by the ascended masters. The next step is to realize that many other nations are also sponsored by the ascended masters. This will open up for a true sense of unity, which can lead to a true sense of cooperation.

So the ascended masters would like to see the establishment of a spirit of cooperation among nations which is based on the recognition that this world, and thereby the nations of this world, are not isolated from the spiritual realm. When a critical mass of nations begin to recognize their connection to the spiritual source, you will see a true spirit of cooperation. This true cooperation will not require any nation to give up its sovereignty to a one-world government. The simple reason is that the one-world government will be established in the spiritual realm, and when individual nations cooperate with this spiritual government, there is no need for one-world government in the material realm.

I am well aware that to many people these ideas will seem like an impossible dream, like just another Utopia. Yet I can assure you that the earth is already going through a spiritual transformation that will bring about greater unity. It is not a matter of if it will happen; it is only a matter of when it will happen and of how severe the birth pains will be.

The United Nations serve an important role in terms of being a forum for communication between nations. If used correctly, it can become a valuable tool for relieving tension and averting conflict. However, for the potential of the United Nations to be fully realized, the members of the United Nations, especially the most powerful members, must relinquish the dream of creating a one-world government or any other form of totalitarian control. They must also give up their attempts to use the United Nations for selfish ends.

Until that happens, the United Nations will be a willing or unwilling tool for the forces who seek to create this one-world government. And while the attempt to create a one-world government is ultimately doomed to fail, just as world communism, Nazism and all other totalitarian systems failed, it could still lead to much suffering and conflict if the attempt to establish such a government is allowed to continue.

To return to your question, I hope it is clear that I have no desire to see the United States give up her sovereignty and submit to United Nations’ policies. Even if the United Nations was functioning at its highest potential, there is no need for any nation to surrender its sovereignty to the U.N.

Democracy and self-government is a necessary part of the spiritual evolution of this planet. People must be allowed to govern themselves and reap the consequences until they realize that all true government must be based on something that is above and beyond the lower consciousness, the dualistic mind. And that something can only come into action when a critical mass of people raise their consciousness and begin to consciously cooperate with the ascended masters. Only then will we see a government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. Today most nations, including the United States, have a government that is of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. Democracy is a step away from elitism, but it is no guarantee against elitism.

Once again, I am aware that some people will label me as as hopeless utopian. However, if these people will study my previous discourses on the separation of church and state and on why Jews and Arabs hate each other, I think they might realize that the message I am trying to give on this website is that there is no human, there is no horizontal, solution to the problems you currently see on planet earth, including the problem of world peace.

We are currently in an extremely dangerous phase of the evolution of planet earth. Human beings have developed weapons of mass destruction, but they have not developed the wisdom that will allow them to have such weapons without destroying themselves. This wisdom, this balance, cannot come from the lower state of consciousness. It can come only from a higher state of consciousness, meaning that it must come from the spiritual realm. It must come because a critical mass of human beings have attained a higher state of consciousness, what I call the Christ consciousness, and thereby they have served as a magnet for raising the consciousness of humankind as a whole.

The current problems on planet earth were created because humankind descended into a dualistic state of consciousness in which people are separated from their spiritual source. The only way out of the current crises on this planet is to reach beyond the dualistic state of consciousness and manifest a higher state of consciousness. Any attempt to solve man-made problems with the same state of consciousness that created those problems will only make the problems worse. I think this has been amply demonstrated by the current situation in the Middle East, a situation that has been going on for decades and even thousands of years.

The question that we of the ascended masters are constantly asking is, “When will human beings wake up and realize that they cannot solve their problems without reaching for a higher state of consciousness, without reaching for insights and assistance from the ascended masters? As I have said many times on this website, planet earth is a schoolroom for lifestreams. People will learn their lessons. The only question is how they will learn those lessons.

In this respect, the lesson that human beings must learn is that when they use their free will to separate themselves from their spiritual source, they become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. Therefore, entropy, meaning disorder and chaos, will inevitably increase until societies begin to self-destruct. The only way out is to reestablish the connection to the spiritual source, and it must be done as the result of a free-will decision.

The ascended masters are constantly working to help people learn this lesson through inner enlightenment. However, if people refuse to learn through inspiration from within, they must learn by reaping the consequences of their actions. So it is quite possible that people can learn only by taking things to the extreme in which a third world war creates such massive destruction and loss of life that people finally wake up from their spiritual coma and realize that they must reconnect to their source.

We of the ascended masters are practical realists. We see the potential for such a world-wide war. However, we also see that there is a large-scale spiritual awakening taking place, and this could have a major impact on the future of this planet. We therefore hope that millions upon millions of people will wake up and join the spiritual reawakening, so that things can be turned around in the nick of time before a large-scale conflict becomes a physical reality.

Will it happen? I cannot answer this question, but people can.


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