Lost time on the spiritual path

Question: In a given lifetime, why does it take so long for many students to find the ascended masters? When we have found the masters, why is it so difficult and takes so long to find and activate our divine mission or plan? Why is this so much? Why is so much time lost in this way during a single lifetime?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

The real way to look at this is that there is no time lost. You have to go through certain experiences before you are ready to find the teachings in your outer consciousness. The practical way to look at it is to say: “I needed to have the experiences that I had before I found the teachings to open my mind to find the teachings.” That is the practical approach. Now if you go a little bit back in time to before the internet, then it was much more difficult from a practical standpoint to find the teachings of the ascended masters. At that time, it was much more likely that people could take longer, that actually could be ready to find the teachings but they had not found them in the physical. This is less of a problem today with the internet, but it can of course happen. But in general, still you need to say: “I needed that experience in order to be ready, so I am not going to worry about whether I wasted time or not.”

Now when you have found the teachings, again, you need to look at, there is no time wasted here. Finding the teachings is just the beginning of a long process. It takes time to integrate the teachings, to heal your four lower bodies, to overcome all of the separate selves and all of this, to purify your chakras, whatever you have. Quite frankly, by finding the teachings you have fulfilled an important element of your divine plan. It is also very likely that whatever you did before you found the teachings was part of your divine plan. You cannot simply say that only when I consciously see my divine plan, have I started doing my divine plan. You start in childhood, because you have a certain inner sense of what your divine plan is, even though you are not consciously aware of it or are able to formulate it in words.

Most of what happens to you in your lifetime is part of your divine plan, because your Divine plan is not just about what you are supposed to do, but also about the experiences you have and how that helps you grow. It is important to avoid any sense of disappointment that it took too long and now you are behind, because it so often causes people to go into this unbalanced reaction that the messenger described where you become over eager to make up for lost time, to compensate and suddenly you have to save the world and yourself in five minutes. It just does not work that way. You still need to go to a process and part of that process is to have certain experiences.

It is not and we have tried to say this before.  It is not possible to create a program or give a certain knowledge that will instantly change a person. Even if you imagine that we created a physical retreat somewhere, and I was the teacher in that retreat, I could not have you just walk in there and I sat there and gave you knowledge and understanding and after a certain amount of time, you would then be enlightened. Because in order to integrate that understanding, you need certain experiences and that takes time, it is a certain process. In order to overcome certain selves, you need to have a certain experience that helps you see those selves, see your reactionary patterns. It is an Alpha and Omega, you receive teachings, but you also need to have certain experiences. Again, why consider time being wasted? Instead, it is more constructive to say: “It is all part of the experiences I need. How can I make better use of the teachings from now on?”


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