Humor vs. not taking yourself so seriously

Question: I enjoy it when the ascended masters crack jokes during their dictations. Humor has a great effect on lightening the room and allowing people to enjoy each other’s presence. Humor also seems to help people make the shift and break out of a limited way of looking at things. Do the masters have any comments about developing humor as part of the spiritual path?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, you can look at this from different perspectives.  Humor is a very different thing, that is very different in different parts of the world. That’s why we actually do not crack as many jokes as we could do, because we know that people have various sensitivities. But it isn’t so much about developing humor as it is not taking yourself so seriously. There was a question asked earlier about what one thing could help ascended masters students have a greater impact on the earth. And if there was to be one thing that was singled out, it would be that in the past, especially in previous ascended master organizations, people took themselves and the path far too seriously. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use what you normally call humor and go around and crack jokes about everything. Because what is it that makes you take yourself so seriously? It is of course a separate self, or in most cases, actually many separate selves.

So, if you use the tools to get rid of those separate selves, you will start to feel more at peace. Many times, the underlying mechanism there, is one of two things.  You have a birth trauma that caused you to feel that you had done something wrong, or that you were inadequate in some way. And so, ever since then you have been seeking to compensate for that. And you always feel you’re behind, you always feel you’re never really there, you’re never really good enough. And so when you find the teachings of the ascended masters, you seek to use the teachings to compensate—give more decrees, give more violet flame. And this can never work. The only thing that will work, is that you see the self and let it die.

The other thing can be that you have this very strong desire to change something on earth. And that was what brought you here. And so again, you have the sense that there’s something you absolutely must do on earth. And you keep trying to find out what it is. You keep doing more and more in order to accomplish it. You think that if you haven’t accomplished it, it’s because you have to push harder. So you’re always pushing yourself so hard that it squeezes out all peace and enjoyment. Again, this comes from a separate self. And so once you resolve that self, you can overcome that obsessive compulsive behavior and be at peace with being here. It doesn’t mean you become passive and do nothing. But as the messenger said, you do it from a state of peace instead of a state of stress and deficit.


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