How to improve my work environment 

Question:  What kind of mindset do I need in order to stop letting work consume my life? For me, right now, work takes up about half of my day. How can I find enjoyment in the process of doing my job and achieve that enjoyment through my interactions with people at work? I find it difficult to balance, especially with the people at work. They all have different interests, and I am often frustrated by the irrational decisions they make in a vertical, hierarchical workplace culture. I feel like they pick fights with me and project their emotions on me. Rather than respecting me, they tend to drag me down to their level. I feel like they steal my light, and after work, I find myself drained of energy and unable to focus on myself. When I find myself in this chaos, what attitude should I have towards life? I am definitely tired of the Korean business model. I know there is a different way, but I am lacking momentum. Please comment on this.

Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

If you read this question that you formulated, you will see that there is one sentence that can help you. You say: “I find myself drained of energy and unable to focus on myself.” Yet if you read the question, you will see how many times you say “I”. “I” feel this way. “I” feel they are doing this”. You are actually focused on yourself. Even though you feel you do not have time to focus on yourself, you are all of the time during your day focused on yourself: Feeling that you are a victim. Other people are doing this. The situation is like that. And you are asking for some kind of magic trick that can change you in an instant so that you have a better situation. But if you are an ascended master student, use our teachings. What is the cause of your problems at work? It is that you have separate selves that are reacting to other people and to the situation. And you need to simply take our teachings, use our tools to work on those separate selves, resolve them one at a time and then, over time, you will gradually feel that something will shift in you.

You need to realize here a very simple reality. You cannot change the other people. You cannot change the Korean business model. It can be changed over time, but you cannot change it in the short run. What can you change? You can change your own reactions to the situation because it is those reactions that cause your frustration. When you overcome those separate selves and let them die, your reaction to the situation will be different. The outer situation may not change, but your reaction will change. And only when you do not have the reaction you have today can you find enjoyment in doing your job and be at peace with dealing with other people.

We always recommend you look at yourself, you work at yourself, you overcome the frustrations. When you come to a point where you can perform your job and not be frustrated by it, then you might get a vision or make a decision that: “I do not want to be in this environment anymore, I want to find another way to sustain myself,” and this may indeed be possible. But we still always recommend you work on your psychology first instead of running away from a situation because it is difficult. A difficult situation is a great opportunity for growth. Basically, you need to, as a general rule, work on yourself and stay in a situation until you are no longer frustrated, and then you might look for an alternative.


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