Full mastery of the Seven Rays 

Question: Paul the Venetian, in his book The Mystical Initiations of Love, said: “My beloved, love is not all you need if you see love as the soft pink passive love. If you can master all facets of love, then you can say that love is all you need because then love incorporates all of the seven rays in all of their aspects. All you need in the material universe is all of the seven rays. You can ascend by mastering the seven rays. It certainly helps to master the eighth rays of integration and even some of the secret rays but you can qualify for your ascension by maintaining mastery of the seven rays. The seven rays is all you need.” 

My question would be from the following citation, it seems that Paul the Venetian is saying that it is enough to master the seven rays to reach our ascension. So does this mean that it is enough to reach the 96th level of consciousness to reach our ascension? I do not understand how we should interpret those words because it seems from his words that the eighth ray of integration and the secret rays are optional.

Answer from the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

While I understand your interpretation and your dilemma, I will say that this comes from the linear mind being too linear. If you read carefully, we have actually not said that by going through the self-mastery course and reaching the 96th level, you have fully mastered the seven rays. You have achieved a certain level of mastery that has helped you pull yourself above the collective consciousness, but it is at the 96th level that you start going into the levels of personal Christhood and it is only actually through oneness with the Christ consciousness that you fully master the seven rays and the rays above them.

For some people, it will be necessary only to focus on the seven rays, but there are others who have it as part of their Divine plan to focus on one or several of the secret rays. This gives you a higher sense of mastery. We have explained that it is really not the Conscious You as such that attains mastery. The Conscious You attains the pure state with which it descended, oneness with the Christ mind, oneness with the I AM Presence, but the mastery you build as you are walking the path is really anchored in the I AM Presence and your causal body.

The more different experiences you go through while you are in embodiment, the more you master all of the rays including the secret rays, the more you master certain physical skills, the more attainment you build in your causal body and I AM Presence, so the higher mastery you have after you ascend. I know it can seem as if all people ascend at the same level, and therefore, have the same level of mastery when they are ascended, but that is not the case. People can ascend by fulfilling certain basic requirements, and nobody ascends if they have not fulfilled those requirements, but many people go beyond the basic requirements and attain a greater mastery than the minimum requirement, and this, of course, has an impact on what you can do after you ascend and where you can go.


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