Curses and bondages and how to effectively dissolve them

TOPICS: Curses cannot be put upon you against your free will – something in your psyche gives others power over you – your intentions give others power over you – the desire to have power over others makes you vulnerable – victim mentality – tools for purifying your energy field –

Question: Please explain about curses and bondages and how to effectively dissolve and consume them. Dear Jesus Christ, no doubt, you are the master of vocabulary and you know the exact words. Kindly give some powerful decrees to dissolve and consume all known and unknown curses and bondages in individual life, family life etc.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (September 1, 2011)

The supreme law for this universe is the Law of Free Will.

This means that no one can put a curse or bondage or any other psychic projection upon you against your free will. The question to ask yourself is: “Is my will truly free?”

It is often overlooked by spiritual seekers, that free will is a subtle challenge. In this case, you might say that you have no will to have others put a curse upon you, but it is not that simple.

Take my statement: “The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me.” Which means that if others are putting some kind of psychic projection upon you, there must be something in your psyche that gives them power to do this.

The Law of Free Will states that no one has any right to exercise power over your mind and energy field—it is your exclusive domain. However, you can, of course, use your free will to give other people power over your domain.

It is often overlooked that one of the primary ways in which you give other people power over your mind is through your intentions. For example, it is an inevitable part of the Law of Free Will that what you sow, that shall you also reap.

If you have an intent to force other people or to exercise power over them, it is inevitable that you will also open yourself up to having other people do the same to you. He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.

There are many, many people – even many spiritual people – who have an unrecognized desire to have psychic power over other people. This may spring from a desire to protect yourself, which is understandable in a treacherous environment like earth, but it still makes you vulnerable. It may also spring from a desire to get what you want or even a desire for revenge or to punish others.

Yet whatever the cause, the fact is that any desire to have power over the will of other people makes you vulnerable to both dark forces and other people having power over you. It cannot be any other way. So ultimately, the only way to be free of this is to look at the beam in your own eye, until you uncover any subtle desire to have power over others and then replace it with a pure intent.

Another common way to give people power over you is if you go into a victim mentality, which truly springs from an unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself and make your own choices. In other words, if you are not willing to exercise your will, this inevitably makes you vulnerable to having others force your will.

Until you do uncover the subconscious intentions in your psyche, we have given decrees for protection and for cutting you free. We have also given an invocation for setting you free from psychic projections. The East West invocation is also efficient here, as is the invocation for clearing the heart.

I also suggest that you diligently use the Archangel Decrees. And while the decree to Astrea is the most efficient in terms of cutting you free from psychic influences, by using all seven Elohim and Archangel decrees, you will clear all of your chakras, and this will give you faster progress towards being able to see the impure intent in your subconscious mind.

Yet bear in mind that using decrees and invocations is only a temporary measure. The ultimate defense is transparency by making sure that the prince of this world has nothing in you.

This goes especially for any intent of influencing the free will of others. Which is something that has fooled many otherwise well-meaning spiritual people, and in some cases has even cost them their ascensions. You simply cannot qualify for your ascension as long as you have any intent whatsoever of influencing, forcing or punishing another human being. Truly, you cannot believe that the ascended masters have such intents, can you?


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