Channelling and Christ discernment

Question: Do you have any comments on channelling; is anybody capable of learning to channel and can a person channel Ascended Masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

We can take several different approaches to dealing with this issue. We can say that for the consciousness, the collective consciousness to be raised it is necessary that more and more people come to realise that there is a realm beyond the material world. That there are beings in this realm that are in various ways more evolved, more sophisticated than people in embodiment and that it is possible for these beings to speak through certain people in embodiment and give messages that can help those in embodiment in various ways.

So you can say that this is a necessary part of the growth process and therefore the entire channelling phenomenon is helping advance that process. However as we have said before, real growth happens when you expand your Christ discernment and this means you become able to sense the vibration of the beings who are channeling. You can therefore learn to read the vibration of a channeled message, sense whether it comes from the emotional realm, from the mental realm, from the lower identity realm or from the Ascended realm. And that is when you can begin to ask yourself, where do you want your messages from, how do you want to tune in, which beings do you want to attune your mind to? So this is one approach, I’m saying that, it is helpful that people, so to speak, soften the old attitude that there is a wall between earth and the spiritual realm and only the authorities, for example the Catholic Church, can penetrate that wall and get any messages from above.

We are in an age where it needs to be seen that we of the Ascended Masters cannot be monopolized by the power elite. We cannot be monopolized by any institution or for that matter any single messenger but that we can speak through multiple messengers. However you can also take the approach that the entire channeling phenomenon is leading a lot of people, in the New Age movement, a lot of people who are open minded into blind alleys. Because many people get pulled into following a particular channeler, a particular message that doesn’t come from a higher source. That means that people then, instead of continuing to grow or growing to their highest potential they often get diverted into a feel good state where they think that this is all they have to do and they don’t need to look for anything higher.

You can also take another approach of saying that not everything that is channelled comes from a benevolent source. The statement that so many New Age people have “it’s all good”, this of course is not correct, it is based on a limited understanding. Not everything that is channeled is good, in a sense that, it is not given with a good intent. And so many of the channelers out there, take messages from beings that came to be for example: Archangel Michael or St. Germain but these beings exist in a mental realm or even sometimes in the emotional realm and they are using the name of Archangel Michael or St. Germain or Sananda or whatever you have but they are not the Ascended Master Archangel Michael or St. Germain.

This is what we call imposters because they are imposing themselves as a being they are not, they are falsely representing a Master; they are misrepresenting themselves. That is why we are talking about a false hierarchy, of these kind of beings that are emulating the actual true spiritual hierarchy of the Ascended Masters and therefore attempting to get people to believe that they really are the Ascended Masters and give messages from their level of consciousness, that in some cases are not deliberately manipulative because these beings believe in what they are saying but because they are not from the highest level of consciousness, they take people into a blind alley or they might contain inaccuracies.

There are also some of these false hierarchy imposters who are deliberately trying to mislead people. And therefore we can say that this is not really a benign phenomenon and you may say that the channeling phenomenon as a whole is helping raise the consciousness but these false hierarchy imposters are not helping to raise the consciousness of the people who follow their messages.

So the reality here is, that there are some beings who say or some people who say, oh, everyone can channel, everyone can learn to channel. First of all it isn’t true because not everyone can learn to channel but second of all, many people can learn to channel but they can not learn to channel the Ascended Masters. In fact I would have to say, you cannot learn to channel Ascended Masters. Even we cannot create a course that after four weeks you have learned to channel the Ascended Masters. Those who have set up these kind of courses and they are for example also courses, where if you pay a considerable amount of money and participate in a course for some weeks, you will supposedly have attained Christhood.

Those who are creating these kind courses and are claiming that this is legitimate or sponsored by us, I can only say they are not sponsored by the Ascended Masters and it may have some effect of teaching people to channel but what are they channeling. Those of you who are here, you are here because you can read the vibration of our messages and therefore you know it comes from an Ascended Source. Those who are pulled into the channeling phenomenon, they have not yet developed that ability. Therefore you cannot go out and argue with these people because they don’t sense what you sense and for them what you are saying is just an argument that they can argue for or against or believe or not believe and if they want to have a feel good message then there is not much you can do about it. Let them have that message, until they have had the experience they need to have from it and begin to long for something higher and begin to be willing to exercise their discernment.

The fact of the matter is that there are many people in the New Age movement who do not want to develop discernment because they just want a form of feel good spirituality. They are not ready to take responsibility for themselves as there are many people in the Christian Churches who are not willing to take responsibility for themselves and therefore they continue to follow the false pastors of Christianity.


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