Canada as the forerunner for the golden age ideas

Question: Canada’s approach to the economic crisis as a result of the pandemic was to give roughly 4 million Canadians who qualified for it, a $2,000 a month income, which is called the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit or known as CERB. It is a generous six months emergency package introduced by the Liberal government and which has brought stability in the Canadian economy. Some Canadians say that this $2,000 a month benefit is a precursor to the universal basic income which might come after the throne speech of September 23. Recently, the Liberal government has changed the mandate and the name of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to Housing Canada to reflect this new social mandate to allow affordable housing for all Canadians by 2030. And we now have a new financial minister, who was an award-winning finance journalist. She was critical of the top 1% that created the income inequality, the ones the RAND Corporation talked about, and she likes the idea of the modern monetary theory and income redistribution. Can the masters give a perspective of Canada’s experiment into a new directional approach to the economic crisis created by COVID by spending more public money and the recovering of that, from the top elite, and will this become an example other countries may follow?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, some other countries has have already done similar things. And as we have said before, as the 2008 financial crisis shows, that if the government gives money to the banks, the financial institutions, or businesses, then they will use it to strengthen their position of superiority, and only a small percentage of it would filter its way to the real economy. And therefore, most of the money will not go to growing the economy or bringing the country out of the economic crisis.

It is clear that giving the money directly to the people is a much better approach if your goal is to bring the country out of the financial crisis. If your goal is to strengthen the hold that the top 1% has on the economy then of course it isn’t the most effective approach.

So it is clear that this is something that needs to be experimented with. It is clear that a universal basic income is something that needs to be experimented with, that some people will actually be able to be forerunners for this and Canada is one of the countries who can do this, other countries as well. It is important because this is part of that vision that Saint Germain has for the golden age.

It is clear in the golden age, people will not have to worry about how to make a living. This does not mean that they will not have to work, many people will work they will want to work, because work will be an entirely different experience than what it is today. But there will be a certain percentage of the population who will want to devote their full time, attention and energy to other factors. This can be in the interim stage, a healing of their psychology. It can even be that some people will need to have a lifetime where they basically do nothing in order to heal certain wounds from past lives where they have been severely wounded in wars and other crises.

But there is also a certain percentage of people that need to be focused on, for example, spiritual growth. In medieval times, you had the monasteries, where there were people who could focus on certain spiritual goals, and despite the fact that they were Catholics, they still held a certain spiritual balance for society. This is not the case in modern societies to the same degree but it must become that in the golden age so that there will be people who have a certain basic income so they can focus their attention and energy on spiritual growth, on spiritual practices, and therefore hold a certain spiritual balance for society.


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