Can you make karma for giving invocations for other people to change?

By Kim Michaels

After the new invocations about Ukraine came out, some people have asked how this is to be understood in connection with Nada’s book The Mystical Initiations of Peace, where she says:

The fallen beings are at a level where they are deliberately and maliciously seeking to control others. This is not just to get what they want but to actually destroy other people by creating all kinds of divisions and contradictions in their four lower bodies, by making them houses divided against themselves.

There is a certain point where the difference between the two is subtle. I am talking here in order to help you see the contrast. What I am saying here is that the most severe form of karma you can make is when you interfere with the three higher bodies of another person and influence the choices that the person makes. Even if you think you are doing this for the person’s own good, you are still making a very severe karma for doing so.

Some people have wondered if they are making karma by giving the invocations, and here are several points to consider:


When we give an invocation, we are not trying to do something ourselves. We are calling to the ascended masters to do something. We are in physical embodiment, so we have the authority to decide what is acceptable to us here on earth, and we use that authority to give the masters permission to act, which means they primarily do something in the emotional, mental and identity octaves. The ascended masters have a higher level of consciousness than we do, so they know cosmic law and will not violate it, regardless of what we call for or what we want to have happen. They are not affected by our feelings or opinions.

This means we do not make karma for giving an invocation in the sense that the masters will not carry out anything impure. However, if we have anger, then we can send out psychic energy, and if this affects another person, we will make karma for this. Thus, we should not give an invocation about world conditions if we feel anger or fear. We should then use other invocations to heal our psychology.


Most invocations start with: “In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ.” This is a safety mechanism where we are suspending our personal will or intent, and essentially saying: In accordance with the will of God and the vision of Christ, I give these calls. So it is not our human will and vision with which we give the invocation.


Calling forth the judgment of Christ is NOT a human judgment. We are calling for this judgment to be administered according to the vision of Christ. 

The judgment of Christ is not a human judgment because it is first of all an opportunity for the person to come to see what they cannot or will not see. For example, it seems Putin is not fully aware of what is happening in Ukraine, thus he is not seeing the full consequences of his actions. This is because he has created selves in his three higher bodies and is influenced by dark forces that block his conscious vision. By calling forth the judgment of Christ (again, we who are in embodiment have that authority), the masters can remove these forces so he can consciously see the consequences. He can of course deny this and refuse to see it, but he has still had the opportunity.

If a person denies the judgment of Christ a number of times, he can lose his right to be in embodiment, and the karmic Board can then withdraw the life force. Again, this will happen according to their vision, not our opinion. 


Some fallen beings are deliberately and knowingly committing evil, but many people do so without realizing what they are doing. This can happen because these people have wounds in their three higher bodies that make them open to dark forces, including beasts in the collective consciousness. Or it can happen because people believe in illusions, which is also because of dark forces. 

When we call to “shatter and consume the collective beasts that prevent people from acknowledging,” we are not calling for a violation of people’s free will. The dark forces are violating people’s free will, and we are calling for people to be set free so they can make a conscious choice. This is actually calling for a liberation of people’s will. Of course, people can deny the opportunity, and we are then non-attached to that.

Thsi is the same when we call for people to be awakened or for them to come to see something. We call to give them an opportunity to choose freely, and if they reject it, we are non-attached to this. 


The “Invocation to the Great Karmic Board for cosmic justice” is a new type of invocation where we call to the Karmic Board to return their self-created karma to certain people. For example, we say:

“In accordance with the vision of Christ, I call for the greatest possible return of karma to these people, so they will not be able to deny the consequences of their actions and therefore will be given another opportunity to leave behind their selfishness. If they will not turn around, I call for an instant and accelerated return of their karma, so they will be unable to precipitate further violations of the Law of Free Will. I also call for you to withhold light from them to further reduce their power to harm other people.” 

Again, we are calling to the Karmic Board and in accordance with the vision of Christ. What does the return of karma do? As the masters have explained, when you commit a physical act, you make karma, but the karma cycles through the higher octaves before it returns to the physical. This is in order to give people an opportunity to change their consciousness before the karma comes back, often in a future lifetime.

Yet if a person is very entrenched in a certain state of mind and is committing great evil, the Karmic Board can speed up the return of the person’s karma. This can affect the person’s three higher bodies so he is not able to commit evil. Or it can have a physical consequence that prevents the person from committing physical acts. This is partly done to protect other people and partly to prevent the person from making such a severe karma that is cannot be balanced.

Again, we are in physical embodiment so we are physically affected by what other people do. Therefore, we have the authority to call to the Karmic Board to speed up the return of karma in order to prevent people from hurting others. This will only happen according to the vision of the Karmic Board, and they see so many complex factors that we cannot possibly see. So as always, we call to the masters but we are non-attached to the physical outcome. We are calling for cosmic justice, not human justice.


We are in physical embodiment, so when other people do something that affects us, we have a right to challenge them, including making them aware of how this affects us and what we feel and think about it. This is also what the Christ in embodiment does, as Jesus often challenged the scribes and Pharisees. 

This is not violating people’s free will because no one has the right to do something that affects others without being challenged and made aware of the consequences. We do not have a right to force people to make a specific choice, but we do have the right to force them to make the choice to accept or reject what we are saying. Our respect for other people’s free will does not suspend our own right to speak out. 


In conclusion, if you strive to be in a neutral frame of mind, you do not make karma for giving an invocation. If you are very emotional about something, it is better not to give a world invocation. 


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