Can we learn anything about the ascended realm by looking at the conditions on earth?

Question: I’m aware that my question may be close to meaningless to an ascended master. Nevertheless, I would like to give it a try. What does a normal day, a normal week, normal year of an ascended master look like? Are they working 24 seven for the evolution of planet Earth? Are they enjoying some leisure time once in a while? Are for example, Jesus Mother Mary and Master More meeting casually at the weekend sometimes, say at Saint Germain’s place, enjoying an ascended meal together, listening to music and talking things over? Maybe even cracking some jokes? Are they going on holidays, traveling to other spheres? Or universes? Are they working with their spiritual teachers on their own spiritual growth, etc.?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, no question is meaningless to us if it has meaning to you. Because our role is of course to help you raise your consciousness. So, whatever has meaning to you at your present level of consciousness, we can address and help you raise yourself to a higher level. But a question like this is very understandable. But you also have to recognize that is asked from a person who is living on earth and is taking the conditions you see on earth and sort of projecting, asking whether they apply in the ascended realm. In a sense, you could restate your question and say, Do the conditions we see on earth have any bearing on the conditions in the ascended realm? Can we learn anything about the ascended realm by looking at the conditions on earth? And the answer to that question is no. Things are so different in the ascended realm that it is almost meaningless for us to describe it, because you can’t really fathom it with your present level of consciousness. And of course, you don’t have to. You have to look at the environment you are in, continue transcend your level of consciousness until you ascend and you will experience conditions in the ascender realm.

Why is it that you cannot experience conditions in the ascended realm while you’re in the unascended state of consciousness? Because the conditions in the ascended realm can only be experienced from the ascended state of consciousness. In the ascended realm, there is no linear time, like you have on earth. There is no typical day. Because there is no day or night, there is no typical week or year because time is not divided into these linear segments. We don’t have a linear, localized state of consciousness.

I know we have given you the teachings that we have retreats in the etheric realm. But these are in the etheric realm, the higher levels of the un-ascended sphere. And the purpose of these retreats is to give you an environment that you can still relate to while you are in embodiment on earth and where you can learn something. This doesn’t mean that we are confined to these retreats, it doesn’t mean that we have elaborate castles, or retreats in the ascended realm, where we don’t have this need. We don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we don’t have a need for leisure because everything we do is a fulfillment in itself. We don’t consider it work that we have to rest or recover from or relax from. We don’t need to relax because we are not tense.

The consciousness and the reality of an ascended master is so different from what you have on earth, that it is very difficult to describe with words, because you tend to only be able to grasp the words, the images, the concepts that you are familiar with on earth. And there is virtually nothing on Earth, that is the same in the ascended realm. That is why there comes that point on the spiritual path, where have had glimpses, of mystical experiences, glimpses of the ascended realm or the ascended consciousness where you realize that it is not constructive to take what you see on earth and projected it onto the ascended realm and you stop doing so.

You will notice, for example, and in previous dispensations, there were certain pictures of various masters that were used by many students. But this is just a phase. When you grow above a certain level of consciousness. You do not need a picture of an ascended master. In fact, you don’t want to put your attention on a picture of an ascended master because you realize that the master cannot be confined to that form. There’s a certain level of the path when looking at a picture helps you tune into the Masters presence, then that is acceptable, but beyond a certain level of consciousness this is no longer what you need and not even what you want to do. And the same with many other things, there comes a point where you stop even speculating what things are like in the ascended realm, you stop thinking about this because you realize that you are on earth, your task is to transcend your level of consciousness until you can ascend, and then you can experience the ascended realm.


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