Question about Elena Roerich

Question: In the Summit Lighthouse, it was claimed that the children of Elizabeth and Mark Prophet are the reincarnation of famous public figures. Sean was King Solomon; Erin, the eldest daughter, was Mahatma Gandhi; Moya was John F. Kennedy; Tatiana was Elena Roerich. Is this really the case? And can souls with such high achievements in their previous lives, as for example, Elena Roerich, who was a messenger of the ascended masters, be incarnated in the next life in a completely different capacity, even the opposite of the previous one, or even descended to lower levels? What prevented Elena Roerich from making the ascension as her husband did? And does the mantle give an advantage to the messenger?

 Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, we have explained before that the Summit Lighthouse was the last dispensation that we were allowed to bring forth in the Piscean Age.  And therefore, there were certain things that were said through the Summit Lighthouse that had a specific purpose of challenging some of the things that people had not overcome during Pisces but that they were ideally meant to overcome.

For this purpose, there were certain things said that were not meant to be understood literally but they were given for another purpose. Now, you may say that this was deceptive. You could also say it was simply an adaptation to the consciousness of the people.

Now, if you look at the early days of the Summit Lighthouse, many people who are on staff or who were the more involved members of the organization were told about their past lifetimes. This means that if you look at this small group of people, there would have been between them many of the famous people from history.

The question is whether this was realistic. Of course, it was not, but there was a reason why these people needed to be given this test of thinking they had been these famous people from history. We have said before that by thinking you were a certain person from history, you have an opportunity to resolve a certain psychology that was outpictured by that person.

Many other famous people of history serve as a kind of archetype that illustrate certain types of psychology that many people have. There are people for whom the only way that they are willing to deal with that psychology is if they think they were actually that person in a past life. That is why some people were told this as an initiation on the path.

In terms of Elena Roerich and whether a messenger necessarily must ascend there is, of course, no natural law that says that a messenger must ascend. The mantle of a messenger is a great protection for the messenger and is also an opportunity for the messenger to grow but the messenger still has to be willing to grow. It is possible that if you have a husband and wife who are serving as messengers, then one of them might qualify for their ascension and the other may not.

This was the case with Nikolas and Elena Roerich. The reason why Elena Roerich did not qualify for her ascension was that there were certain aspects of her psychology that she was not able and willing to overcome in that lifetime. And therefore, she had to reembody again, and have those same initiations in a slightly different context.

You understand that the goal for any lifestream is the resolution of psychology. This is the primary qualification for the ascension, the resolution of psychology. If you have a lifestream that has been in a certain position but has not resolved his psychology, then it would not do that livestream much good to reincarnate under very similar circumstances. There need to be some similarities but not necessarily the same circumstances. This gives the livestream an opportunity to look at the psychology from a slightly different perspective and, therefore, hopefully makes it easier for the person to see what it is that he or she needs to overcome.

I would also say that, there is of course, no guarantee that because a person is selected as a messenger, that person will make their ascension, will make significant progress in that lifetime. It is possible for a person to regress, to go to a lower state of consciousness because nothing in the world is mechanical. This would be against the law of free will and the purpose of growth. If a messenger of the ascended masters was turned into a kind of robot, how would that serve as an example, for other people walking the path?

So, a messenger can therefore serve as an example, whether or not he or she grows or does not, they can still serve as an illustration of the path and what you all have to go through to walk the spiritual path, you all have to overcome psychology and there is no guarantee that anyone will do so. It is a voluntary individual decision.


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