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Question: Thank you lord Jesus for being one of the greatest examples of the living Christ. I thank you Kim, and I acknowledge your spiritual dedication. I would like to know if the ascended master Kuthumi is my personal master, also what my mission is. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are certain things on the spiritual path that should be revealed from and inner source instead of an outer source. One of these things is the identity of your personal Master. It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is true, although the student doesn’t always recognize the teacher.

If you feel a strong inner connection to a particular ascended master, then it is most likely because that master is serving as your personal teacher, at least temporarily. Therefore, focus your attention on that Master and do not worry about whether it is your permanent Master.

Many people study under a certain Master for a period of time and then switch to another Master. After having gone from Master to Master for some time, you might eventually come to the clear recognition that a particular Master is your main Master. However, it is important that you come to this realization through an inner knowing, an intuitive experience. The reason being that when it comes from within, it will have a deeper meaning for you and it will be internalized in your being.

Several other people have asked about their mission and this is another example of knowledge that must come to you from within.

My goal for this website is to raise up those who are willing to walk the path to Christhood and become spiritually independent and self-sufficient by getting their personal directions from their Christ selves. I therefore hope you will understand why I do not give personal directions on this website. If I were to do so, people might look to me for answers, and therefore they would not manifest their independence. Because I am a true spiritual teacher, I would never prevent people from having their personal victories.


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