Your personal astrology can point to growth opportunities

TOPICS: Unwise to ignore astrology – easy to misuse astrology – nothing is set in stone—or stars – use astrology to anticipate growth opportunities –

Question: Is it useful for a spiritual seeker to have one’s personal astrology done? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are many mainstream Christians who reject astrology as being pagan or unchristian. This is somewhat unwise, given the fact that the three wise men used astrology to pinpoint the time and the approximate place of my birth. In other words, if the three wise men had adopted the same attitude as many orthodox Christians, they would not have been aware of my birth. It would be wise to consider that there are indeed important dates and turning points in the life of this planet and in people’s personal lives, and those dates are always marked by particular constellations of stars. My point is that it is unwise to completely ignore astrology.

On the other hand, I do understand that so many people reject the popular astrology that is rampant in tabloid magazines or even in some New Age circles. It is very easy to misuse astrology, especially when people begin to think that a configuration can be used to predict specific events or that the events predicted by astrology are set in stone. This has led to a widespread misuse of the science that astrology was meant to be. It has led to widespread fatalism and determinism that causes some people to accept that their astrology sets limitations for their lives. This is a complete misuse of astrology, because in reality nothing is set in stone.

Your personal astrology can point to the likelihood that certain events or challenges will happen in your life. Yet instead of seeing them as set in stone, you should see them as opportunities for spiritual growth. The real point of using astrology is to empower yourself to anticipate the growth opportunities that come up in your life, so that you can make the best possible use of them. The true spiritual astrology is never fatalistic or deterministic, and it never paralyzes people. Instead, it galvanizes people to use spiritual tools, such as the Violet Flame or Mother Mary’s rosaries, to consume the energies that are marked by a specific astrological configuration. This can help you avoid certain negative events or magnify certain positive events. In other words, the important point about astrology is not what is written in the stars but what you do with the portents in the stars.


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