Your own past choices can indeed override your ability to make future choices

TOPICS: Only you can override your free will – past choices can limit future choices – free will in polarity with karma – higher law is that of self-transcendence – when faced with second death, lifestream knows what its options are – even final death is by the lifestream’s own choice –

Question: Does a soul’s dissolution usually come from an accord with its I AM, or is the dissolution always an overriding of the soul’s free will, as in the case with Hitler?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The Law of Free Will is an absolute law in the world of form, meaning that no being in heaven or on earth has the right to override the free will of your lifestream—that is, no being except yourself. You see, your own past choices can indeed override your ability to make future choices.

The Law of Free Will does not exist independently. It exists in a polarity with the Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Karma. This law states that you are responsible for how you use God’s energy. If you use energy in harmony with the laws of God, you will magnify creation and enhance your creative abilities. This will increase your creative powers and give you more options for how to exercise your free will. The more creative power you have, the more options you have from which to choose, just as an adult has more options than a baby.

If you use energy in violation of God’s laws, you create a burden – karma – for yourself that will limit your creative abilities. This will limit your creative powers and the options for exercising your free will. In other words, when you choose to go against God’s law, the consequence of your choice is that you limit your ability to make future choices.

Although the Law of Free Will is absolute, it is not the highest law. The highest law of the world of form is the Law of Self-transcendence. You have the right to go against the laws that God used to create this universe. You have the right to create a limited sense of identity, and you have the right to remain in that limited identity for a very long time. Yet the Law of Self-transcendence mandates that you cannot remain in a limited sense of identity forever. If you could, what would be the purpose for your existence?

So if a lifestream deliberately and willfully violates the laws of God, it will eventually reach the end of its allotted time. If the lifestream has not turned around of its own accord, if it is not willing to transcend itself, and if it has not responded to the spiritual teachers sent to help the lifestream, then the lifestream will be taken to a place in the identity realm called the Court of Sacred Fire. The lifestream will then be faced with the lake of fire that is spoken of in Revelation.

14. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
15. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation, Chapter 20)

Death and hell represent the consciousness that causes lifestreams to deny their inherent divinity and their potential to manifest Christ consciousness and God consciousness. Those who are not found in the book of life are those who have continued to deny their potential and who have refused to transcend themselves; self-transcendence being the spiritual meaning of the word “life.”

Obviously, this means that it is not some power in heaven – as most Christians believe – that decides who is written in the book of life. Lifestreams on earth must decide, through their acceptance or denial of their Christ potential, whether to write their names in the book of life.

I can assure you that no matter how far a lifestream has descended into a state of denial, no lifestream can face the lake of fire without being awakened to the reality that this fire can dissolve the lifestream completely and totally. Most lifestreams that end up in the Court of Sacred Fire have great pride, and they often think they can get away with anything. Yet when a lifestream looks into the lake of fire, even the most prideful lifestreams instantly realize the fallacy of this state of mind. This is the ultimate “hitting the concrete experience.”

So the lifestream cannot fail to know the consequence of the choice is it about to make. Because the lifestream has made so many past choices that were in violation of the laws of God, it has now narrowed its options until it literally has only one choice left. That choice is simple. Will you turn around, abandon your current sense of identity and begin the upward climb that leads you to transcend your limited sense of identity, until you attain Christ consciousness and become the immortal spiritual being you were destined to become? Or will you instead choose to continue to deny the Christ within you and refuse to climb back towards immortality—thereby inevitably being dissolved in the lake of fire?

This is literally the only option that the lifestream has at this point. Up until that point, the lifestream could keep procrastinating the choice to turn around and transcend its sense of identity. Because of the Law of Self-transcendence, the time has run out. Now the lifestream can no longer postpone the choice. It must choose whether to be or not to be, and it must choose now.

If a lifestream decides to turn around, it will be given all possible help, but it will also be faced with the task of overcoming all false beliefs that it has accepted as part of its identity and all negative karma made through its many incorrect choices. Some lifestreams literally refuse to do this for various reasons – mostly the pride of not wanting to admit they were wrong – so they actually choose that they would rather be dissolved than having to uncreate their own imperfect creations. Some lifestreams refuse to abandon their rebellion, anger and hatred, often cursing God to the very end. This was the case with Hitler who had embodied the Luciferian consciousness to the ultimate degree.

So you see, even the second death is not done against the lifestream’s free will. It is actually the lifestream’s own choice, because it chooses that it does not want to undo its past choices. Therefore, it would rather make one more choice in denial of its own Christ potential. That choice will then become the lifestream’s last and final choice.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels