You cannot overcome the ego in an instant, but you can stop identifying with it

TOPICS: Your sphere of self – the mortal self in the sphere of self – made of false beliefs about yourself – the gravitational force of your ego pulls on your conscious attention – when the human self becomes a background noise that does not control you – you can instantly stop identifying with the ego –

Question: In the conscious mind that controls things, how can we direct it to always be in the Mind of God and being that individualization of God always.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It all starts with the recognition that you are a self-conscious being who has free will to choose what you identify yourself as. And then you must be mindful of where you direct your attention. Again, this is addressed in greater detail by Mother Mary in her book.  The concept she gives is that the Conscious You resides in a sphere, in the container of self. In that container is your I AM Presence, and when your being was first created, there was only the I AM Presence and the Conscious You within your sphere of self.

Yet when you experimented with the duality consciousness, you allowed elements of a lower vibration, elements of duality, to enter this sphere of self. And gradually, over many lifetimes, you have built a mortal sense of self that opposes or seems to oppose your I AM Presence. This is what we also call the ego.

This mortal self is made up of decisions you have made, beliefs you have come to accept. And many of those beliefs are about yourself. You might believe that you are a sinner. You might believe you are a mortal human being who will die when your physical body dies. You might believe that you cannot do this and you cannot do that. You cannot contact God directly in your heart but needs the outer hierarchy of the church, or any number of dualistic beliefs.

As these beliefs enter your sphere of self, they begin to form a gravitational force and it pulls on the Conscious You. It pulls on your attention. It is almost like the force of gravity that prevents you from rising into the air, but pulls you down to earth. Likewise, your mind is being pulled by the gravitational force of the ego that has gained entry into your sphere of self. And as long as that mortal self remains, it will have some pull on your attention and that is why your thoughts are being pulled back to these old thought patterns and habit patterns. And it seems that no matter what you do you cannot get rid of them, they keep pulling on you.

When you use the proper spiritual tools, you can gradually get rid of the mortal self, and that will lessen the gravitational pull. Yet once you understand the equation, that your mortal self is an alien influence in your sphere of self and that the Conscious You has the ability to stop identifying with that mortal self, then you will have taken a major step toward avoiding being pulled back into these old patterns.

As you use the decrees and invocations or resolve things in your psychology through other tools, you will gradually minimize the gravitational force until it just becomes a background noise that may remain for some time, but eventually you will come to the point where the prince of this world comes and he has nothing in you because the mortal self has died.

Yet, the essential concept here is that the Conscious You is not the mortal self. It has created the mortal self and it cannot instantly remove the ego, because this was done over a long period of time and the decisions you made must be replaced by better decisions.

Yet you can instantly choose to stop identifying with that mortal self. When you make that decision, the mortal self will have far less power over you, and even when it does pull on you, you can instantly identify it and say, “Oh, that’s just the mortal self, that’s just the ego. I choose not to identify with it. I come apart from that consciousness and I raise my attention to my I AM Presence, to my Father in heaven.”


 Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels