The effect of Gautama’s Flame in the Rotunda in Washington, D.C.

Question:  What effect does the presence of Gautama’s Flame have in the Rotunda [in Washington, D.C.]? Is anyone able to tune into it despite the heavy cloud of hypnotism?


Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

My presence there is an opportunity for all who walk through that room but of course not all are open to experiencing it. Again with free will I am content giving people an opportunity without having a guarantee that they will make use of it. I can assure you that there are people that are able to somewhat tune in. There are people who have gained a certain frame of reference, gained a certain measure of peace. Of course for this to be even more effective it requires that some people would magnify it, some people would call it forth, some people would call it through the four levels of the material world and this is indeed what we look to happen as a result of this conference and the dictations being turned into invocations and put in a book form that people can use. We can certainly envision that at some point in time a group of people, would decide to congregate in Washington, D.C. and use the dictations we have given before in front of the important monuments and buildings – which will also be turned into invocations – and give these invocations, so to speak, on location. This will, of course, multiply the effect not only of my presence but of the presence of Saint Germain and Master More and other ascended masters so that you will begin to see more of an effect of this and more and more people will be able to tune in to it.

It is again – to refer to the previous question about why the calls weren’t answered – it is always a very, very delicate equation because free will on Earth is so complex. You know that Jesus has said that we are like used car salesmen who use the bait-and-switch. What that really means is that if you go back to previous dispensations, we evaluated that most people who could be open to our teachings were at a certain level of consciousness and therefore we could give a certain teaching that made the path seem doable, manageable. So it is not that we lied to people but we gave people a partial understanding because if they had the full understanding, it would seem too complex, too overwhelming for them and they would become discouraged. So as Mother Mary expressed, the decrees given in previous dispensations had a very profound effect on this planet but it just wasn’t the effect envisioned by many of the students.

Now what would be very, very helpful was if ascended master students could overcome a certain mechanism that especially was there in previous dispensations. What many students feel when they encounter our teachings is that suddenly a new world has opened up to them. They find what they have been longing to find all of their lives, they feel they’re finally home, they feel this teaching is so advanced compared to what they had found before and therefore many go into this sense that the teaching given in a specific dispensation must be the highest spiritual teaching on the planet. This is something the ego likes to hear because what does that mean? Well, since you can recognize the highest spiritual teaching on the planet, you must be one of the highest spiritual students on the planet or so the ego reasons. This is not ergo but ego. So it would be very helpful if people could overcome this but you understand, of course, why they couldn’t overcome that in previous dispensations. It was because they were at a level of awareness where we couldn’t give them a higher teaching but they still had the need to feel that they were the most advanced spiritual students.

Those of you who are open to this dispensation can use our teachings to move beyond that stage where you don’t need to have that artificial outer status and you can resolve the trauma. That means that you can accept who you are, be who you are and then as this messenger has described, all these artificial evaluations of “Am I a high spiritual student, an advanced spiritual student, or not?” – They just fade away and become irrelevant to you. Really even this dispensation is, of course, not the highest spiritual teaching on the planet because that concept is utterly meaningless. It is comparing based on a standard of high and low but how can you put spiritual teachings on such a linear scale? Because you take a person who is at a certain level of consciousness—let’s say the twelfth level of consciousness—that person cannot grasp an ascended master teaching. So what is the highest spiritual teaching for that person? Well, it is the teaching that will help him or her rise to the thirteenth level of consciousness and then the highest teaching becomes the one that will take that person to the fourteenth level and so on. So it really is meaningless to talk about this and it is an aspect of ego that wants to create this linear scale.

This particular teaching we are giving here is not meant for everybody because it cannot reach everybody but it is meant for a specific group of people at a specific level of consciousness and at this particular level, yes, it is the highest teaching on the planet. It’s the highest teaching you can grasp and it’s also the highest teaching in the sense that it will help you rise higher. But as this messenger is well aware, he does not want anybody to build this sense of loyalty towards him that they will not consider any other teaching. If you come to a point where you feel the need to look at another teaching, by all means go look at it, follow it, find another guru or teacher if that’s what you feel you need. What you need to be loyal to is your growth, not any outer teaching or organization or guru, or messenger or what have you.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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