It is absolutely necessary for the progress of America to break up the two-party system

Question: What are the masters’ comments on Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Socialist Party and Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party? Are they steps in the right direction?


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

This is where you have to be discerning students. You have to use your Christ discernment to hear what I am actually saying. I am not saying that I am sponsoring or supporting Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders or the Libertarian Party or the Socialist Party. What I am saying is they are a step in the right direction, in the sense that they are helping to break up the two-party system. It is absolutely necessary for the progress of America to break up the two-party system. It is absolutely necessary to break the deadlock that the Republicans and the Democrats have on the government of this country because they have proven now, over decades, that they cannot cooperate, cannot focus on what is best for America, can only focus on opposing each other.

This has gone on so long that I would say a majority of Americans have had enough of it but that majority has not yet spoken out and made it clear that they have had enough. That is why it continues. There are of course, many Americans who are not really aware, haven’t consciously said in their minds: I have had enough of this infight between the Republicans and Democrats but they feel dissatisfaction with politics. A majority of Americans are clearly dissatisfied with politics as usual but where does politics as usual come from? It comes from the Republicans and the Democrats who are both so locked in opposing and defeating each other that they cannot cooperate.

My beloved, step back and ask yourself why it is that America has a two-party system. Why is it that neither of the parties can really gain a decisive majority in the Presidency and the House of Representatives and the Senate? Why is that? Why is it you see many other democracies that have a multi-party system where there is not one party that can get a majority but they have to form a coalition? Well it’s partly because the two-party system in America has long outlived its usefulness, if it ever had one to begin with, which is another discussion. The only way forward for democracy is to do what I have said, step up and begin to see the essential humanity in each other and cooperate, instead of opposing from this dualistic perspective. The Democrats can’t get anything through on their own; the Republicans can’t get anything through on their own but if they could cooperate across party lines, you would find that there is in the House of Representatives and the Senate, a moderate, balanced majority that could actually get things done, that could really look at what is best for America.

It wouldn’t matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats because those who are moderates, who are balanced, would have a majority and would agree on what is best for America. You see my beloved, there is a moderate, balanced majority but it can’t vote as one bloc because each party has to vote the party line. That situation has to be broken up for America to go forward, to get out of the gridlock and let Americans feel that they have a say, that the government actually represents them. There are various ways to do this – as I will comment on in one of my dictations – but anyone who helps to break up the two-party system, present an alternative to the system, is actually helping forward progress. Even if all of their points and policies are not realistic or would not lead to the Golden Age, they still help in the immediate situation. That is why – as we have said many times – in the unbalanced situation you have, some people can seemingly be unbalanced or antagonistic but those people are necessary to break up the status quo and get things moving. As long as things are standing still, there can be no progress. 


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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