United States

Conflict between Russia, China and the United States
The industrialized rich countries have to spread the wealth
Immigrants are not the cause of America’s problems
Creation of the United States and karma
George Washington’s vision about the Union
The effect of Gautama’s Flame in the Rotunda in Washington, D.C.
It is absolutely necessary for the progress of America to break up the two-party system
The issue of African Americans and freedom of speech
How to help children with mental problems
The vision for education in America
American Manifest Destiny and Saint Germain's vision for America
The Native American issue and the fallen beings
Why have some spiritual people chosen to embody in America?
It is not a matter of opposing Trump or not opposing Trump, it is a matter of identifying what kind of a democracy we want to live in.
The political issues of the nation are expressions of various aspects of its collective consciousness
Spiritual meaning of Donald Trump’s election
Hyperinflation in the U.S.
The election of a female president
Saint Germains’ deepest concern for America
As America goes, so goes the world
The conflict between black and white, the Civil War, Anarchy
How to change the American government
Scapegoating as a major force in American politics
The need for reform in the American justice system
Natural catastrophes in California
Would Arnold Schwarzenegger make a good president?
Only persons willing to sell out to the elite can become nominated by the main political parties in the United States
The separation of church and state
Native Americans need to create a new culture
The United States is making karma through its current military
Does Jesus support the death penalty?
Why America cannot admit that the war in Iraq was a monumental mistake
A second American revolution is needed
What to do when an election does not turn out as you hoped
The U.S. political system is outdated and constitutional reforms are needed
How the Christian nation of America is influenced by the mind of anti-christ
Is George Bush evil?
Jesus comments on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

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Q & A Ukraine conference


The sound files for the questions and answers from the Ukraine conference are in a folder named: UKRAINE 2019 QAMasters (on the subscriber's website).



Ukraine sound files


Just got back from a wonderful conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Warmest thanks to all who organized it and all who participated.


The sound files for the dictations are on the subscriber's website in a folder named UKRAINE 2019.



Webinar for Ukraine conference


If you cannot make it to next week's conference in Ukraine, you now have the option to participate via the webinar.


You can find more information about it here.



Third book about the Golden Age


We have published a third book in the series on Saint Germain's Golden Age in which it is explained that the vision for the Golden Age is so far ahead of what we have now that most people could not accept it as realistic.


The book contains dictations given over the last couple of years along with new invocations for helping peoiple accept the Golden Age.


The book is also available on Amazon.


For more information, click here.






Four new Dutch ebooks


There are now four new ebooks available in the Dutch language section of the bookstore.


You can find them here.




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