A paradigm shift in science

Question: There is an ongoing discussion in science circles that says that an unbalanced state of microorganisms in our gut is what causes many chronic diseases. Is it possible to prove with current scientific methods and tools that it’s really our state of consciousness that influence the microorganisms in our gut?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

No obviously it isn’t possible to prove this with current scientific methods and philosophy because it is so tied to materialism. Science has made the unfortunate choice many years ago to ignore consciousness. You will see from the history of science that the Catholic church was attempting to suppress all of the early scientists and any discovery that challenged the doctrines of the church. That is why you see so many materialists who are continually referring to how Galileo was suppressed and imprisoned and how other scientists were suppressed by the Catholic church. They are using this as a justification for what happened to materialism where they reasoned that religion was a suppressive force. They wanted to distance science from religion – not necessarily a bad idea – but they also reasoned that since there are different religions and no way to prove that one is right and the others are wrong, all religious belief is subjective and a form of superstition. So they decided that the most important goal for science was to distance it from all subjectivity, to exclude all subjectivity. They then reasoned – and here is the real problem – that the human mind can only be subjective. Therefore they said the subjective mind is of no interest to science because there’s no way to study it, so we refuse to study it and we only focus on studying what we can measure, something that is tangible and that we can therefore measure with experiments that can be repeated by other people regardless of their beliefs and therefore we can say we have excluded subjectivity and attainedobjectivity. 

This is of course the whole basis for materialism and so what has happened since then is that science has not made a reasonable effort to study consciousness, to study the mind by using the scientific method and scientific instruments. Now there are of course some scientists who have begun to do this and we of course look to these to bring forth the next breakthrough in science where science will begin to study consciousness and therefore will be able to show a connection between consciousness and the physical body. Some scientists have already done this, I am well aware of this but this has not yet been accepted by the mainstream and there will come a point where mainstream science can no longer deny this, can no longer ignore it but this is not something that will be brought about only by the research in consciousness. It requires more of a paradigm shift in science that essentially will simply cause science to move beyond materialism. It will cause a critical mass of scientists to openly acknowledge that the emperor has nothing on because materialism has now become as restrictive for scientific experimentation as the Catholic church was 500 years ago. When that realization spreads to a critical mass of scientists then you will see a paradigm shift.    


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