Which ascended masters work with Russia?

Question: In previous dispensations it was given that specific masters were helping countries. Are there besides  Mother Mary, Nicholas Roerich and Igor, any other masters that are involved in helping Russia?

Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

All of us.

It is true of course that some ascended masters work more closely with certain countries than others. Yet certainly you can add to the list Archangel Michael and myself, as masters who work very closely with the spiritual people in Russia. There will, in the future, be other masters, as people raise their consciousness and as some people appeal to those specific masters to work with them individually.

You do understand the law, do you not? The call compels the answer. If a group of people decide that they will invoke the Presence of a specific master and the intersession of that specific master for Russia, then – when a critical mass has been reached of your calls and invocations, and when you have opened your hearts so that that master can work through you – then the answer will be given. 

So it is not only up to us to decide. This is something you need to learn by looking at previous dispensations. You need to recognize that precious dispensations were given in the Piscean Age. In the Piscean Age we did, because of the consciousness, have to portray ourselves as being more remote from the people than we actually desire to be. 

In the Aquarian Age it is necessary that you get us off the pedestals, so to speak, that you do not project that we are “up there,” so far from you, and that you are just passive recipients of what we desire to send forth to earth. You are NOT remote from us, you are extensions of ourselves, of our own beings, and we desire that you accept yourself as such so that you can make a decision of what intersession you want for Russia. And then YOU raise up the chalice, you become the chalice, you become the open doors and then certainly we WILL respond.


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