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Question: The question is really long, because it has like a pre-history for it. I`ll try to give you just the question. It’s a question about the future of Russia and that was foretold in prophesies. The question: is the prophecy given to Dannion Brinkley about the ascended masters still true? It’s the prophecy that mafia be able to seize the power in Russia, that the mafia will take over the power in Russia. Is it true that Russia will start a blood shedding war with China and what lies behind the ability of the ascended masters to give such detailed visual prophecies and can the ascended masters freely travel for a time to past and future? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

You will know this that we give fewer and fewer prophecies through anointed messengers and the reason is simply that we are now giving a higher level of teaching where we are putting much greater emphases on free will, and the influence of free will and the raising of the collective consciousness. Now these prophecies that you mention were not actually given by the ascended masters. This is simply an assumption that has been made, but it is not correct. 

It is naturally possible that several nations around the world could have the emergence of crime syndicates that eventually become so powerful that they begin to have a considerable influence on the government through corruption, or blackmail or other kinds of pressure. The likelihood that the Russian mafia would be able to take over the country and the government is rather small in the sense that if a mafia completely took over the government this could not remain hidden. Then the mafia would actually be faced with some of the questions that any government faces, that if you are suddenly running the country then if you exploit the people beyond a certain degree, you will only harm yourself. But this is a very low probability that you really do not need to make calls upon. 

In terms of starting a war with China, again this is a very, very low probability. It is an insignificant probability for a variety of reasons that I need not go into here because they are quite complex, but it is not something that ascended master students need to be concerned about. 

In terms of the future of Russia well, what we have given you again and again is that we cannot freely travel into the future and see what is guaranteed to happen. Everything depends on free will. The reason why I announced that the three conferences we have this year were important was, as I explained in Holland, that there are certain situations where a nation or even a group of nations can be at a critical junction, at a kind of tipping point where there is a potential for the nation to go into a downward spiral or into in upward spiral, and a difference between it going up or down is very small, and that is why even a relatively small number of ascended master students can have a positive influence on tipping the scales towards the positive spiral. And of course, how can we predict how many people will chose to embrace ascended master teachings and make the calls in the future? 

And so, what we have given you at this conference and even at previous conferences is a much more positive view of the future of Russia, instead of giving you these dire prophecies and truly, as we move more and more deeply into the golden age, all of these very severe prophecies that were given from various sources will become increasingly irrelevant simply because those of them, and it was a rather small percentage that had some validity at the time they were given, will become irrelevant because of the raising of the collective consciousness. 

And so, as ascended master students we encourage you not to focus on these very severe prophecies that you find from many nations and that you find all over the internet because they only serve to keep you in a consciousness of fear; and you recognize what Saint Germain said that if you who are the ascended master students cannot move out of fear, then how can the rest of the population in your nation. 

Naturally, you cannot believe that the world might end next week without being in the consciousness of fear and so, generally speaking, avoid focusing your attention on these very dire prophecies. Truly embrace the opportunity to live in a non-fear-based world because as we have said before, the world is not going to end. There may be bumps in a road as we have called them, but the progress on the road towards the golden age will continue.

As was said about your divine plan, the future of a nation is not set in stone. It is an interactive process where there might, at a certain point in time be certain potentials for what could happen in the future but as the people are willing to shift their consciousness, other scenarios now come into play and when a nation begins to move in a certain direction, some of the other potentials fall away and new ones open up. That is why it is possible to have a certain potential for a severe event to happen, but by even a slight shift in the collective consciousness a nation can move on a different course that moves it further and further away from that event and towards more positive events. 

So again, you who are ascended master students need to focus on this potential of raising your own consciousness and thereby pulling up the collective so you move away from all of these dire prophesies.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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