Peace in Ukraine and changes in Russia

Question: What will it take to end the situation in Ukraine? What can we do in a broader sense to help bring peace on earth, besides Mother Mary’s 500 Vigil? 


Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 18, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during a conference in Los Angeles.


For the Ukraine conflict to end, it will take two things. One is that the Ukrainian people shift their level of consciousness upwards where they become willing to take responsibility for their own nation and bring about the changes that obviously need to happen. Any nation that was in any way under the yoke of the Soviet Union, whether being part of the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact, has some very serious work to do to overcome the consciousness that we recently talked about in Estonia. 

If a nation is not willing to do that work, then it will be stuck in a kind of no-man’s land. Now, you look at Ukraine, and you see a large nation with good natural resources in terms of agriculture and some other natural resources and industry. It absolutely makes no sense that a nation of that size should not be able to have a functioning economy and feed and sustain its own people in a state of relative abundance. So the Ukrainian people need to be willing to look at this and make the changes that need to happen. 

There is hardly a nation that was under the Communist yoke that does not need to transcend the state of consciousness where people dare not take initiative and do not want to make an effort. There was a consciousness in the Soviet Union that it did not matter how hard you worked, or whether you made an effort, because it wouldn’t get you anywhere anyway. This was true in Soviet times, but it is no longer true in a more free economy where you absolutely need to make an effort, and many people need to make an effort, to raise the economy of a country to a higher level. This is the only way that the nations in the West have been raised to a higher level: because people were willing to make that effort, and they were also willing to share. 

Of course, in Ukraine, and also in many other former Soviet countries, you have the problem of corruption, which in a sense became institutionalized during Soviet times because the only way to, so to speak, beat the system was to have some kind of business deals under the table. So this is what needs to happen on the side of the Ukrainian people. 

Now, of course, the other thing is that there needs to be a shift in Russia because Russia is clearly the aggressor here. To be quite frank with you, the shift that needs to happen in Russia is that Vladimir Putin goes out of embodiment. This has a 90% probability of happening before 2018, when he is up for re-election. But it is by no means a sure thing because Putin is actually being held alive in embodiment by the Russian people. 

You see, my beloved, any person who comes into embodiment has a, what we might call, natural lifespan for that embodiment. This is based on the person’s karma and level of consciousness at the time of they are born. Now, people can do something to shorten or extend that natural life span. If they are directly abusive of others or abuse power – like, for example, Adolf Hitler – they will shorten their lifespans. They can, of course, also do good deeds and transcend their consciousness and thereby extend their lives. 

A person can come to the point where his or her natural lifespan has run out. But if they are in a public position, they can steal so much energy from the people under them that it keeps them alive beyond that cut-off point. This is literally the situation in Russia, and it is what keeps Vladimir Putin in embodiment at this point, for his time was up a year and a half ago. 

This is a difficult condition for you to do anything about because, even though you can make calls and judgment calls on this, you cannot override the free will of the Russian people by making the calls. You can make a call, like you have done in these invocations, for the binding of the demons and the fallen beings out of embodiment who are supporting Putin. But you cannot make a call that will override the free will of the Russian people, who look up to him as a strong leader that can restore the greatness of Russia, which is something they have a need to see. Of course, it is not a real need, and they would be much freer by giving up the desire to have the greatness of Russia. But as long as they cannot do that, you cannot make calls that will override it.

You need to recognize also that Putin himself is not really concerned about Ukraine. It is not so much that he has a specific goal, not even to conquer the Eastern part of Ukraine or all of Ukraine, or to create a buffer between himself and NATO. Putin does not feel threatened by NATO. He knows very well that NATO is not going to attack Russia. He knows very well from the reactions he has seen from Western leaders since he intervened in Ukraine that they would rather have him be passive, and as long as he is passive, they are not going to do anything against him militarily. But he needs the Ukrainian conflict in order to maintain and even expand his image for the Russian people.

He needs to reinforce this image because there is, of course, a raising of the consciousness of the people in Russia, which has been brought about by the many students in Russia who acknowledge ascended master teachings and have been doing decrees and invocations for a long time—not only what we have given through this messenger, but also previous dispensations and other messengers. So I want to acknowledge the efforts of so many devout ascended master students in Russia, who have brought the country to a point where it is very close to a breakthrough in the collective consciousness where the strong leader syndrome can be given up by a critical mass of the Russian people, which will then bring forth a new era in Russia.



Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels

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The importance of this spring’s conferences


Mother Mary has asked me to convey that the masters consider the three conferences we are holding this spring as being very important. She hopes as many people as possible will make an effort to attend. There is a need for people to make this effort because the masters have relatively few students who can be open doors for the light they want to release. It is not enough that people listen to the dictations later, as it cannot release the same amount of light as being there in person.

The more people come, the more of a multiplication factor there is when we give invocations. It also allows the masters to release more light during dictations, and this means the light can have a greater effect on the collective consciousness. 



The Korean conference is important in terms of making sure the current saber-rattling does not lead to armed conflict. However, even more important is the long-term need to secure the best new government in South Korea that can implement a more open policy towards North Korea, as the masters described last year. Even beyond this, there is much more to Saint Germain’s vision for Korea and Asia.



Because of Brexit and the refugee situation, Europe is facing special challenges in terms of an attempt by dark forces to break up real unity. Saint Germain considers it important to spread a new vision for European unity that goes beyond what has been seen so far and that can take Europe closer to his golden age ideals. We also need to hold a spiritual balance that does not create a rift between EU and Britain bit opens up for close ties in the future.



The masters want to create a new impetus that can help the Russian people rise above the hopelessness and the sense that “nothing will ever change.” This will set the stage for the election next year and (in the long run) that the real changes that are already happening in the higher octaves can begin to break through to the physical octave. Saint Germain also wants to give an impetus for people grasping his golden age vision for Russia.


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