What do dark forces working with a power elite gain by enslaving people?

TOPICS: Dark forces can no longer receive energy directly from God - they must steal energy from humans - humans are cattle for dark forces - dark forces work through the power elite of people who want power - the power elite killed Jesus - many people support power elites because they have been fooled into thinking it is a good cause -

Question: You say: "You must choose whom you will serve. The real, living Jesus or the idol, the golden calf, that was created by human beings in an attempt to prevent you from entering our Father’s kingdom."

I don't understand this statement. What do they gain from preventing people from entering our Father's kingdom? Even though I do not believe in Christian doctrine, in all fairness, wasn't the idolatry created with positive intentions? Or even if it were negative intentions, but it would be more along the lines of control and hierarchy of worthiness? Or merely from a naive (lower consciousness) belief system?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


If you read my answers to several of the questions in the section on Good and Evil LINK you will see that there is indeed a hierarchy of dark forces that exist at a lower level than the material universe. These beings have cut themselves off from God, and therefore they can no longer receive light directly from the spiritual realm.

Nothing can continue to survive without receiving the energy of God. When you cut yourself off from the flow of God’s light, you become a closed system. As explained in what physicists call the second law of thermodynamics, a close system will eventually disintegrate into chaos. In other words, a closed system will self-destruct. At some level, dark forces are aware of this and they know that in order to survive they must steal energy from human beings. They do this by manipulating people into misqualifying the light of God so that it descends to a lower vibration. This allows the dark forces to absorb the energy without having to raise their state of consciousness.

So these forces have a vested interest in keeping human beings from ascending to the spiritual realm because once a lifestream has ascended to that realm, it is out of reach of the dark forces. The beings cannot reach into heaven and they cannot manipulate anyone in heaven. One might say that these dark forces consider human beings to be merely cattle that they keep for the slaughter whenever they need energy. This is a quite accurate description of the level of respect, or rather lack of it, that these forces have for human beings. They consider human beings to be lambs for the slaughter.

You must understand that these dark forces are quite capable of manipulating human beings and therefore they can work through people. Throughout the ages, these dark forces have been working with a small elite of human beings, and this elite often seeks to attain positions of power in both church and state. As explained elsewhere, this elite has influenced the Christian religion in subtle and not so subtle ways, and their influence prevents people from grasping the reality of my inner teachings. This then keeps people out of the kingdom of heaven.

I am aware that many people will immediately reject the idea of such a power elite because they think it sounds like the many outrageous conspiracy theories that are floating around on the Internet and elsewhere. Yet I must tell you that there is a reality to the existence of such an elite, and you will see that I was in constant opposition to the power elite during my lifetime. In fact, it was precisely representatives of this power elite that plotted my crucifixion. I called them at generation of vipers and sons of the devil, and I can assure you that I was not exaggerating. I was simply calling a spade a spade.

Obviously, I am in no way shape or form saying that all of the people who contributed to the creation of Christian doctrine and the idolatry of Jesus Christ were part of this elite. You are perfectly right that many of the people helped develop these doctrines and this idolatry without having any negative intentions. Many of them were simply naive and truly believe they were serving a good cause. Most of the people who today uphold these doctrines, uphold the Church and uphold the idolatry of Jesus Christ are likewise naive and have good intentions. They truly believe that they are serving the cause of Christ.

Unfortunately, these people have been fooled by the wolves in sheep's clothing who are leading the sheep astray. An important part of my mission was to expose this false spiritual hierarchy and their manipulation of the religions of the world, including the Jewish religion and now Christianity.

Back then, most people were not able to understand or acknowledge the existence of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, in today's world many people have risen to a certain degree of Christhood, and therefore they are able to see the reality of such dark forces without being overcome by fear, anger or going into a state of denial. That is why I am bringing forth the teachings on this website and why both I and other members of the ascended masters have brought for similar teachings through other organizations within the last century.

As I said numerous times 2,000 years ago, let those who have years hear my words. 





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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