People do have influence on the government and the power elite - by raising the collective consciousness

Question: It has to do with the power elite running our government. They want to shift their personal perceptions that government cannot even be influenced by the people and Mother Mary said not to let the power elite run our government - why did the ascended masters think the people have any power especially regarding the power elite?


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint  Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.  

If the people didn't have any power to influence the power elite, you would still be living in the type of societies you saw in the feudal societies of medieval Europe. You would not have a democracy (even if it isn't a fully functional democracy) but you would not be having the kind of country you have. Why/how do the people have influence on the government? you have - by raising the collective consciousness. It is simply a natural law or at least what you could call a spiritual karmic law, that when the consciousness of the people is raised beyond a certain level then the power elite that ruled them at a lower state of consciousness cannot remain, something must shift. We know very well that as more and more people raise their individual consciousness, as there is a raising of the general awareness of what people know and understand then we will move towards a point where the current power elite cannot maintain its grip on power. Now sometimes the power elite manages to transform itself and as has been said by Mother Mary “when the United States was created it didn't take long before fallen beings in embodiment and fallen beings out of embodiment started gaining influence on the American government.” But still - the American government is a step up from the feudal societies of Europe. The American nation today is a step up and it is clearly better to live in the United States than to live in the Soviet Union or China or another dictatorship. Clearly progress has been made, if you look at the last two thousand years progress has been made - you cannot deny this. How has this been achieved? Well in large part because the people have raised the collective consciousness. Then every time that happens the power elite must give way.

Now of course, there is a potential that the people can become aware of this process, they can become aware of the existence of the power elite. Therefore instead of  unconsciously raising their consciousness (we might say they are raising their consciousness without being conscious of what they are doing)  they can become conscious of the process and they can consciously confront the power elite and demand a government that isn't run by the power elite. When that happens, you can see a much quicker, much more dramatic shift than the very gradual shift that you see when people are not aware of the process. This is of course my vision for what could potentially happen in America and this is what I would comment on and what I want you to make calls on of course.


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