Question about biodiversity and bees

Question: There is a lot about biodiversity and the position of bees and the disappearing of insects worldwide nowadays. Could you comment on what we can do to support biodiversity, and also what direction beekeeping should take?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.


Well, biodiversity is a subtle concept, because many of the animal species you see on the planet today, are expressions of a lower form of consciousness. And as the collective consciousness is raised, some species will become extinct. Because humankind transcends that consciousness. 

On the one hand, you cannot necessarily go into the mindset that you have to support the greatest possible biodiversity. In terms of bees, then bees are not an insect species that will become or is meant to become extinct in the near future, because they serve across an important function. 

So, therefore, if you feel prompted to do so you can certainly make the calls on this. And in terms of beekeeping, well, it is important to maintain an adequate population of bees to do the job they are doing. And therefore, that is really the main direction is that it needs to continue so that the bees can fulfill the function until at some future time that can actually be transcended, and the bees are no longer needed to pollinate.


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