The working poor and the power elite

Question: Can the masters comment on the growing class of the economically precarious workforce? These are the ones who don’t have regular jobs but work from contract to contract without benefits, the so-called gig economy.  How does this influence Saint Germain’s Golden Age?


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well my beloved, the reality is that this is an expression or demonstration of the manipulation of the economy by the power elite. There’s no way to say this diplomatically. The power elite, what do they want? They want to create a modern version of the feudal system where those who did the physical work could be treated as property. They had no rights; the landlords, the feudal lords, didn’t have to accommodate them in any way; they could simply treat them as animals, that if they had outlived their usefulness, could be killed off. This is how the fallen beings look at human beings on earth. They want to treat people as property; this is their basic attitude to human beings.

This needs to be exposed in order for civilization to move forward. Basically it’s an expression of the fact that even though there was a period when workers were organized and there were labor unions, these have in many countries started losing some of their influence. In America you will see that labor unions were never that big a factor, certainly not as big as they have been in many European nations. Many of the European nations have actually reached a point where labor unions are no longer as necessary because there isn’t the same antagonistic relationship between workers and employers but in America you have not reached that point. In other European nations, particularly the UK, you have that situation where many people work without having secure employment, without having any benefits. They are called the working poor because they don’t make enough money to actually sustain a living, especially not in the cities, where real estate prices have been artificially inflated. So some people who even have a job can’t afford to buy a house in a city. You have that, of course, in America as well, where the American dream is out of reach for a growing number of people.

This situation is obviously not something that has any place in the Golden Age whatsoever. It is one of these things where sometimes things have to be acted out in an extreme manner before people wake up. We have had now for decades a situation where the actual material living standard of the middle class has been eroded, which is something many Americans thought would never happen. The American economy is growing; there is more wealth today than there was thirty years ago. So why isn’t the middle class richer and why isn’t the middle class bigger, so that there are fewer and fewer poor people? Well the only explanation of course, is that there is a small elite that has accumulated the majority of that wealth. Who creates the wealth? The workers create the wealth but the elite harvest the benefits of people’s labor and that situation is, of course, completely antagonistic to the Golden Age.

It is something that has come about because the people have not yet educated themselves to the existence of this elite. They have been lulled asleep by the illusion that they live in a free country and therefore they have not objected. So it needs to come to more of an extreme so that people can see this and finally speak out and say enough is enough. When will that happen? Well your guess is as good as mine. I am optimistic that within the foreseeable future people will wake up and recognize that the problem really is the elite and that this needs to be tackled before America can move to the next level.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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