Israel and mindset of blaming other countries

Question: It seems that the State of Israel, and part of the world Jewish dysphoria nowadays, have set a specific goal for their various subtle but severe attacks:  Poland, which for centuries, as the Jews themselves admitted, was a paradise for them while elsewhere in Europe they were persecuted and brutally expelled from many countries. Will the masters comment on this phenomenon? 


Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

As the master who is responsible for the golden age on earth, and also representing the seventh ray of freedom, I will comment on it from this perspective of what sets people free and what binds them, what keeps them tied to a condition that causes them suffering or causes them to not be free. The reality here is that if you look at any group of people you can look at their current behavior and you can say: “Is this behavior helping them become more free or is it helping them become less free?” And it is clear that the State of Israel and the Jewish leadership are caught in a downward spiral that is making them less and less free. And this is something that anybody who takes a neutral look at it can see. And, of course, it is not constructive for the Jewish leaders to start blaming other countries, whether Poland or other nations, because you need to take responsibility for yourself and your own state of mind. And when you start blaming others, well, you are not doing that. You are not taking responsibility for your own state of mind, and this will make you less free. You cannot become more free if you are blaming others. 

There is a clear attitude or mindset in the Jewish people that has been there, quite frankly, since Old Testament time. And it is of seeing themselves as being separated from other people. There is, of course, the whole idea that they are God's chosen people, which would then imply that God favors certain people over others. Supposedly, God has created all people because God has created everything. But apparently this God who has created all people favors some people over others. Well, that is not the God I know from the ascended so it must be a lower god. That is the only logical conclusion. 

You see that there is this attitude where the Jews want to set themselves apart. Well, what are they subconsciously sending into the cosmic mirror? “We want to feel we are different from other people.” And you also see in the Jewish people, this long history of feeling how they were persecuted by other people, how they were taken to other nations and imprisoned there and so on. The Jewish people are actually sending into the cosmic mirror at subconscious levels: “We want to be persecuted. We want people who treat us as if we are different because this validates our sense of being different. And it is so important to us to be different.” What have we said about the Russian people?  They also want to be different. And what does it prevent Russia from doing? Engaging in the family of nations on equal terms with others so you can become part of the whole instead of standing apart from it. And it is exactly the same mechanism in the Jewish people, for that matter also in many of the Arab people and many other people around the world. They want to be different. They want to be special. They want to be separate. And how do you get the validation for this feeling that you are separate? By other people opposing you or persecuting you or putting you down. Now again, if this is what the Jewish people want to continue to experience after thousands of years of this who am I as the god of freedom to tell them differently. 

But, of course, there is no way you can enter the golden age consciousness if you have that mindset. How can you become part of the golden age if you have that mindset because the golden age, the Aquarian Age, is the age of community. And community can only happen among equals. What is the word community? Come ye into unity.  If there are people who want to be apart from others they cannot come into unity with others. This cannot be done. What the Jews are doing is simply reinforcing that mindset that sets them apart from others. If that is what they want, that is their prerogative. But the consequence is, of course, that they will have conflict with other groups of people. It can be no other way. You cannot have cooperation, come into unity with other people, if you want to stand apart from them and see yourself as being different or being better. Because, of course, there is always that subtle value judgment that: “We are so special, therefore, we are actually better than other people. And that is proven by the fact that they are so jealous that they have to persecute us.” This mindset, where will it lead you? Well, where has it led you in the past? One of your own, Albert Einstein, who was of Jewish descent, is famous for saying: “If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results you are insane.” Listen to him and decide what kind of a future you want. I am not going to tell you what kind of future you should have. I am just telling you the consequences of continuing on the track you have been on for so long.  



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