The spiritual implication of Brexit

Question: What is the spiritual implication of Brexit in the UK and Europe? And if it happens, how will it change the energy of Europe?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.


We have talked about this before. So, I will not repeat what we have said before. What I will comment on is these latest developments. And the spiritual implication could be that the British people wake up and say - are these the kind of leaders we want to lead our nation? You look at this, quite frankly, the only word I can come up with here is “circus” that the parliament members have created, for as one newspaper recently said, “Instead of the House of Lords, it should be called the house of fools”. And the people need to come and see this and say -  If they are so incapable of executing this process, then are these the kind of leaders we want? 

Now, the people could then also stand up, which quite frankly, one can ask oneself why that hasn't happened already, and demand a second referendum based on what they know today. Because it's clear that when the first referendum was done, most people thought that exiting the EU would be an easy process that would basically maintain all the advantages and get rid of all the disadvantages of being in the EU and now that people realize this isn't the case, one must ask whether they would have voted the same way and this can of course, only be found out by having a second referendum. Now, if it does happen, which it looks, more likely than not that it will happen, one can ask the question, how will this influence the energies of Europe? And it already has influenced the energies of Europe in profound ways because it has actually made many countries who were not necessarily so positive about EU membership, realize that it is to their advantage to remain in the EU rather than going through the same circus that they see unfolding in Britain. And this can have a positive effect of making the countries commit more to making the EU work.

EU is not ideal, but it is certainly a step in the right direction for Europe, creating more unity, overcoming all of the division and warring from the past, and therefore in a sense, forcing the European nation together so that they can hopefully learn to cooperate. So this would be the most positive shift, if the nations would make a greater commitment to cooperation. It's clear that the British leadership and the British people did not have that commitment. And therefore, as we have said before, they may need to simply exit, at least for a time to then see how they experience being outside the EU and then making a decision of whether they want to reenter or whether they want to stay outside. 



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