Eastern Europe and Great Britain

Question: Question about goods made in Eastern Europe being of lower quality than in Western Europe and that in Great Britain there are people in government who are very much against the people Eastern Europe.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

This is just one example among many of how the fallen beings behave. They’re always against progress, against change. They’re always looking to put some people down. You have in certain nations, that you can see historically have had a desire to be the dominant nation in the world. You have a certain percentage of fallen beings that have embodied there and they have their need for superiority and so they look down upon other groups of people for various reasons. Naturally during the Communist era there were certain people in the west that looked down upon people in Eastern Europe because they were under the Communist yoke. And these people considered them to be lower and this and that. And as you can find people today who look down people in other parts of the world or even in their own part of the world. 

Any time you have someone who degrades another group of people you know ultimately there are fallen beings behind it or at least beings trapped in the fallen consciousness. What we teach is of course that there is no outer group of people that you can identify as being superior to any other. And that the only real measure you can take is the level of awareness of the soul or the being and that there are advanced, more evolved beings in every culture in every nation. And of course you could say that there are some nations that have a greater number of more evolved beings simply because they have a bigger opportunity to express themselves in a free, more affluent nation. But you still find them everywhere and that is why we always discourage these kinds of discriminatory viewpoints. 

Ultimately, it all comes from the fallen beings because they are the ones who have this desire to elevate themselves by putting others down. In terms of the goods that are sold of inferior quality, well this is of course not something we approve of at all. But it is again where the people of Eastern Europe need to become more aware, stand up for themselves and demand a better quality. Just as you have to stand up for yourself in many other ways and demand a better form of government, a better form of bureaucracy, better form of education and so on. 


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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