Relationships in the Golden Age

Question: Can the ascended masters expand on the topic of relationships in the Golden Age? Will marriage as it is seen currently have a different role? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

My beloved, everything will change in the Golden Age. There will gradually be a raising of awareness, which, of course, will change the dynamic of relationships. There will be an increase in awareness about psychology and people’s ability and power to change their own psychology, overcome their psychological wounds. When more and more people start working on themselves individually and overcoming their psychological wounds then they will be able to have a much higher level of relationship than you have today and you won’t have the dynamic you so often see today where people’s wounds are driving the relationship. Marriage as such will, in its current form, fade away. Church marriage will become more and more rare. There will in many cases be a certain registration of the relationship but not in the formal way of today. It will more be seen as two people entering a contract with each other where they make certain commitments.

For example, there will come a point, at least in some societies in the Golden Age where the advancement of the knowledge of reproduction and the tools for aborting pregnancy will be such that nobody will get pregnant by accident. Therefore there will come a point where society will actually require that before a couple is allowed to have a child they have to enter into a contract with each other where they make a commitment to raising the child to at least the age of eighteen. People who enter into this contract if they have resolved psychology will be able to keep that commitment. They can of course have more children. They can also choose to extend the contract to a longer period of time. But this will not be seen as something that is put upon people by God or the church where they make a promise before God. It’s simply that intelligent and aware people, mature people, make a promise to themselves and each other and that will be marriage. It can, in various areas of the world, be implemented in different ways but there will be the sense that the couple is willingly and knowingly entering into this commitment, both for the sake of their own growth – because they promise to work with each other for that period of time instead of running away from their problems – but also for the sake of the children – because they promise to give the children a safe and secure start in life.


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