Australia could teach Britain some lessons

TOPICS: Overcoming the sense that some people are better than others - finding true value in being spiritual people - Australia has less of a power elite than older nations - Australia can teach Britain important lessons - creative people - recapture your spirituality -

Question: We have spoken a lot about what America and Europe can do to transcend themselves and bring forth the Golden Age. I wonder whether you have a similar sort of vision of what Australia can do and what role Australia has to play in restoring the Word and also in bringing forth the Golden Age. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Australia has much the same potential on the Southern hemisphere as Britain has in the Northern hemisphere. For of course, so many people in Australia come from or are descendants of people who came from Britain.

But Australia has a unique potential in overcoming the sense that some people are better than others. For you know very well that many among the Australian people will joke about – but even take a certain pride in – being “third-generation convicts,” joking about the fact that their ancestors were the rejected people of England, the refuse of England who was sent to the colony to hopefully disappear and no longer bother the upper classes when they walked through the streets of London.

And this gives the Australian people a unique opportunity to transcend that state of consciousness—that they are somehow defective or not quite up to par. For they can reach within themselves and realize that they are spiritual people and that in spirituality there is no comparison, thus no value judgement.

And truly, Australia is somewhat unique, because of its short history that it has not yet formed as much of the power elite as the older nations, where you have a much older division between the haves and the have-nots. Certainly you have some sense of economic power elite, but it is not nearly as ingrained in the collective consciousness as it is in most European nations, where you have had a feudal system and a monarchy for almost a thousand years. And so, Australia could even become an inspiration for Britain, for I can assure you that Britain can learn much from its former colonies. For there is always a figure-8 flow and an exchange.

And so, it would indeed be a joy for us to see Australia rise up, shake off the entire consciousness of being somehow second-grade people in the world. And realizing that they have a unique potential, they have a unique continent, with great natural resources. But they also have the great resources of their creativity. So yes, they have a contribution to make, especially on the Southern hemisphere, where they could bring forth new ideas that could spread throughout Southeast Asia. And perhaps help the Asian nations deal with their new-found material wealth without losing their spiritual moorings.

Of course, this would be require the Australian people to recapture their spirituality which has, quite frankly, been somewhat neglected on that continent. Again, as you see in Britain, because too many Australians believe spirituality must be poured out of a beer can. Yet not to be confused with those people who think spirituality must be poured out of a Bible. For spirituality can be found in neither place, but only in the heart.





Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels

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