Why you cannot convince some people—and shouldn’t even try

TOPICS: Many people trapped in the fallen consciousness – the serpentine mind creates doubt and confusion – any argument has a counter-argument – dream of a final argument – right among men or right with God? – why you cannot convince people – transcending the ego’s desire for control –

Question: I have visited your site and found it amazing. However, there is a person who is claiming to be God’s Messenger for our time. It is said that only one Messenger is in the world at a time, to prevent the errors and competition that would arise from more than one. What are your thoughts. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 29, 2011)

It is wise for a spiritual student to realize that you cannot base your growth on intellectual, analytical arguments. The essence of the spiritual path is to have Aha experiences, which give you an intuitive knowing that is beyond all outer arguments. This gives you the peace that passes understanding, because it is not based on understanding but direct experience.

One of the basic dynamics on earth – and one which all spiritual seekers can benefit from knowing – is that this planet has given embodiment to a number of people who are trapped in the fallen consciousness. This can also be called the serpentine consciousness, and it refers to the Serpent who deceived Eve to eat the forbidden fruit—which was truly the dualistic consciousness. These beings are very skilled in crafting sophisticated arguments that can sow the seeds of doubt, confusion and discouragement in the minds of those who are the innocent, the children of God.

It is wise to recognize that as a spiritual person, you will never be able to outmaneuver those in the fallen consciousness. There is no argument that does not have a counter-argument. Which means you will never convince them, because they can always come up with an argument that they claim is superior to yours.

The problem is that when you try to reason with those in the fallen consciousness, you become pulled into the maelstrom of arguments created by that consciousness. Those who are in the fallen consciousness are already there, and you will never be able to save them through arguments. Yet by trying, they will inevitably pull you in, because you must go where you place your attention. It is an ancient dream for the servants of God that they can come up with some final or ultimate argument, that will awaken those blinded by duality. Yet it simply cannot be done, and you will see this when you understand how duality works.

True spiritual students never allow themselves to think that they have found an ultimate expression of truth here on earth. They realize that the only ultimate truth is God, and God cannot be described through words or images. God can be experienced only through oneness. Thus, God is the only valid frame of reference. And the true God can never be reduced to a human argument.

Ask yourself this: “Do I want to be right here on earth, or do I want to be right with God?” You cannot serve two masters. If you want to be right with God, you must stop the endless argumentation with other people about this or that—all of which is inconsequential compared to a direct experience of God.

Those blinded by duality cannot experience God directly, and the reason is that they cannot let go of the separate self, even for a split second. They cling to the sense of control that the separate self gives them. What is the basis for this sense of control?

It is that because the ego cannot experience God directly, it can never have an ultimate frame of reference. You will recall that the Serpent told Eve that if she ate of the fruit, she would become as a god, knowing good and evil. This refers to the fact that those blinded by duality cannot experience God as the ultimate frame of reference. Thus, they cannot experience that there is a reality outside the world of their perception. As a result, they become infatuated with the intoxicating belief that they are “as a god” and that it is their ability and their right to define their own frame of reference.

Thus, each being blinded by duality has defined its own frame of reference, and such beings are firmly convinced it is the ultimate frame of reference. Any arguments you define will be measured against their frame of reference, and it will always fail to convince them. The reason is that in their frame of reference, they have defined certain expressions here on earth as ultimate truths. Thus, they refuse to question them, and as long as these expressions are seen as beyond questioning, no argument could ever move people’s conviction.

In a sense, one could say that those in the fallen consciousness have as their ultimate frame of reference one simple statement: “I could never be wrong.” And thus, you can never convince such people that they need to go beyond their chosen “infallible” truth and have a direct experience of God’s Being—which is beyond any expression.

In reality, all expressions on earth are “wrong” in the sense that they can only be substitutes for the direct experience of God. And if you refuse to question a particular expression, it will block your direct experience.

The reason is that when you do experience God’s Being, you realize that you are NOT a god, and thus you do not have the ability to define “good and evil.” You can know good and evil only through the direct experience of a greater Being outside the mental box created by your individualized perception.

Even if you have risen above ego, you will know that you need a frame of reference from outside your own mind, because even an individualization of God can never have the perspective of the omnipresent God. Ultimate truth can never be encapsulated in form; it can be known only by going beyond form. Even as an ascended master, I know I need to regularly experience God’s Being in order to avoid creating my own perception.

Experiencing God, or pure awareness, can be accomplished only by transcending the ego’s desire for control—the same desire for control that has been taken to the extreme by those in the fallen consciousness. They want to define “good and evil” in order to gain the control that enables them to live with their own inner insecurity. They do this by pompously defining themselves as the only representatives of truth.

Wise are those who do not make themselves the blind followers of such blind leaders.

In terms of the argument that there is only one messenger at a time, see an old answer, which still has timeless validity.


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