Why we cannot express ourselves with certain people

Question: In interaction in consciousness of two different people I notice sometimes that with certain people I can get some kind of blockage so to speak on how  I can access my Higher Self or my intuition and I see this less and less in my life the more I develop but I still experience it with certain people

(Kim) You mean you can’t access your Higher Self?

Question: Yeah like I just feel like things are just turned off and it’s not a problem because interact perfectly fine with the person but I still see it as a limitation in some sense so I wonder, how can I as a general approach identify what is actually happening and how can I deal with it?

(Kim) When you have people that, when you feel there is no connection with your Higher Self when you are with them?

Question: Yeah I find myself tuning down to their level or I just don’t access the part of me I usually access.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

Well one of the reasons my beloved, is that sometimes your Higher Self does not have anything to say to certain people because they’re simply not open for it and you need to realise this is a delicate issue.  It is very true that there are some people who may have a psychic, aggressive influence on you that for various reasons can cause you to shut down your connection to your Higher Self, to your I AM Presence.  And the fallen beings are often experts at doing this.  Some of them do it even subconsciously but you will even find that there are teachings out there for business leaders or even the Art of War by Sun Tzu about how to use psychic force to empower or overpower other people.  And some people have done this for lifetimes and have great momentum on it and they can cause you to really feel that you cannot access your Higher Self.

So what you can do in this case is – in many cases you will simply want to avoid these people, why interact with them if you don’t need to?  But if you need to interact with them you can attempt to work on yourself and see if you can uncover what exactly is it they make you feel that causes you think you that cannot express your Higher Self when these people are around?  Is there some kind of decision you can see that you made, some kind of belief you have – that you are not allowed to express it? That they don’t want it?  That they will be offended by it?  You don’t want to offend them?  You don’t want to challenge them?  Whatever it may be for you personally, if you can uncover this you may be able to overcome it relatively easily.  And so – but the other thing is that when you are talking about being an open door for your I AM Presence.  There are many human interactions where your I AM Presence will simply step back because you are perfectly capable of dealing with this with the outer mind and the I AM Presence may not have anything it wants to say.  Now what you can focus on is that with all people, you feel that you can be relaxed, you can be yourself, you can be at peace within, and you can freely express yourself.

And if you feel that there are certain people where you cannot freely express yourself, then again even if they are not fallen beings you can look at what do these people make me feel?  What do I believe about them or about myself that blocks my connection that prevents me from being at peace, feeling relaxed, feeling the flow?  Because again, your I AM Presence may not have anything to say but your I AM Presence is also very respectful of you, so if you and your outer mind have some belief of why you shouldn’t express yourself freely with these people, then it will step back.  This very often happens with family members or other people where you have a long history and you have built up a pattern with these people.  So you can look at it, if you have a certain pattern with certain people and then try to uncover what it is and overcome it.


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