Why spiritual movements stagnate

TOPICS: Masters release an outpouring of the Holy Spirit – some people tune in to it and start a new movement – yet the movement stops at a certain level of consciousness – if progressive revelation stops, then the movement will stagnate – it may have teachings viable for rising to a certain level, but they cannot take you beyond that level – thus, be committed to ongoing self-transcendence –

Question: I have a question for Master MORE, a question about people who started a new spiritual movement. There seems to be certain cycles, where more than one spiritual movement springs up and then gradually disappears or shrinks to insignificance. What is the spiritual reason for this phenomenon?

Answer from ascended master MORE through Kim Michaels:

Jesus has given an answer of how there can be an outpouring of the Spirit at the beginning of a new spiritual cycle and many people can tune in to it and move along with it. They tune in to the movement in the Holy Spirit and bring forth a teaching that has some value but is not from the beginning a pure teaching. In some cases this is because people cannot free themselves from their personal background or free themselves from the mindset of the Christian movement.

This is a pattern you will see over and over again, where there are people who have some attunement, some awareness of new concepts and ideas, but they are still so attached to something in the old world view that they are not willing to give it all up, they are not willing to rethink everything. And thus, as Jesus described with Mohammed, they cannot bring forth an entirely pure message but it becomes colored by their state of consciousness.

There are many movements out there that have elements of truth, elements that are true and that if internalized can empower people to grow. Yet there is also a mixture of ideas that, if they are not transcended and understood from a higher perspective, will cause people to stagnate and not move beyond a certain point.

So the fact is that many movements do enable people to grow beyond a certain level of consciousness but do not allow them to lock in to the fact that the spiritual path is an ongoing process that must never come to a halt. For you must continue to transcend anything and everything until you suddenly find that you have transcended the material universe for good and have no desire or need to go back.

And so in any movement you find, you need to be alert to the potential that there can be ideas that can give you transcendence and other ideas that will halt your progress. And therefore, many people have found a new teaching or movement and have experienced genuine growth for a time. But then they have come to that point, where they have stagnated because they were not willing to look beyond certain outer ideas, internalizing the true spiritual meaning behind them and therefore continuing the movement of transcendence.

This applies to any movement or organization that does not have a living presence of progressive revelation. For is it not so, that we of the ascended masters are the spiritual teachers of humankind? Thus, we represent the reality of the spiritual path. Which as we have said many times is the never-ending process of the River of Life itself, the River of God’s eternal, constant self-transcendence.

And thus, as true spiritual teachers, we will never stop giving forth progressive revelation. Both on an individual basis in people’s own hearts, but also through various new initiatives that can take many forms, not necessarily having the appearance of a spiritual or religious movement. But any movement bringing forth a new transcendental idea is part of the ongoing movement of progressive revelation.

So any movement that has stagnated, that says, “Yes there was progressive revelation for a time. But now it has stopped for various reasons,” well that movement has then lost the thread of contact to the ongoingness of the River of Life that we are.

Again, this does not mean that people cannot use a teaching from such a movement to rise beyond a certain level of consciousness. For you see, a particular movement might have started out for the specific purpose of bringing forth a teaching, that would enable people who are at a specific state of consciousness to start the process of going beyond that level of consciousness, rising to higher levels.

And so a movement might have brought forth teachings that will allow people to rise from that particular level to whatever level the movement reached before progressive revelation stopped. And so it is still viable for many movements to be in existence, for they can help people rise from one level to the highest level of that movement.

The risk of course is that people can then get stuck at the same level where the movement got stuck. And that is why, again, those who are the more aware spiritual students need to realize that you can never stop transcendence. For when you do, you will inevitably stagnate and go backwards, for you cannot follow the ongoingness of the River of Life that is God’s consciousness.


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