Why Iran needs an external enemy 

Question: Iran has recently increased their military activity and is clearly acting out in a provocative way to other world governments. Is Iran being threatened by the US? Are people in power acting out more to the extreme their consciousness and are not willing to let go of the warrior mentality? Or what else is behind this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, Iran has been acting out for a very long time. We have said this before, that when you have what is essentially a dictatorship, which in this case is a religious, Muslim fundamentalist dictatorship, they need an outer enemy. The situation they are in is very simple. They have almost complete power to do anything in Iran that they can do. They have promised, of course, to bring basically an ideal Islamic state to Iran, with a flourishing economy where everybody has a good job and has enough money, but anybody can see that this promise has not been fulfilled. Since they have all power in the country, how can they explain this?

Well, they can explain it by saying there is this external enemy, this great Satan of America, which is interfering with our country, manipulating our country, and they are the ones that are responsible for our failure to do what we actually have, or say we have, the power to do. It is the same in many other countries around the world. You see here that this is the basic dynamic. Now the reality is, of course, that Iran has isolated itself from the rest of the world, and if you look at the world, you will see that what has brought prosperity to a large part of the world is increased cooperation and trade. Iran cannot create a thriving economy as an autonomous unit. It can only create a thriving economy by trading with the rest of the world, like the most affluent countries are doing. But what prevents Iran from trading with the rest of the world? Well, partly the Islamic fundamentalist attitude and beliefs, so the very government which promises one thing will, by their fundamentalist attitude, prevent that promise from being fulfilled. This is what can cause the government to become more and more panicked and therefore wanting to create some confrontation with the outside world.

It is why the dictator in North Korea on a regular basis must pretend that there is some conflict with South Korea or the United States or whatever. That is the way it has always been with dictators or dictatorships, and there is nothing new under the sun here. Now it is, of course, important, as Gautama said in the beginning of the year, that this does not cause the United States government to go into the extreme and create a confrontation as a diversion for this election. You already see now that President Trump is feeling the heat, so to speak, because all opinion polls say that he is not going to be reelected, and he is also reaching a certain level of desperation for what he can do to still be elected as President. As Gautama pointed out, the Americans might be more reluctant to elect a new President if there is some kind of war situation. So you need to make the calls that this does not become a physical reality because you can see here that both the Iranian government and the American government have these elements in them that want some kind of confrontation as a diversionary tactic.


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