Why haven’t spiritual movements had a greater impact on society?

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Question: For over thirty years I have been what you might call a New Age freak, always studying and practicing the latest thing out there. I have been involved with a number of spiritual movements and individual teachers. I have met a lot of well-meaning people who are driven by a genuine desire to help improve life and society. My question is why, after several decades, these many organizations and gurus haven’t had a greater impact on society? What is missing and what could be done about it?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you study this website, you will quickly discover that part of the message I am trying to get across is that the current conditions on planet earth were not created by God and they were not a result of some kind of accident. Human beings have created the current conditions, and they have done so through the power of their own minds. They created these conditions by allowing their minds to dwell upon imperfect images and beliefs, so that their minds have misqualified the pure energies of God. The consequence is that God will not simply remove the current problems on earth, even if people ask Him to do so.

God gave human beings free will. People have used that free will to create the current problems on planet earth, and the only way problems will disappear is that human beings use their free will to uncreate those conditions and begin to create perfect conditions.

The only way this could possibly happen is through a raising of the consciousness of humankind as a whole. This higher level of consciousness is not likely to be brought about because every human being on earth suddenly decides to raise his or her consciousness. It is far more likely to be brought about because a small number of people decide to raise their consciousness and therefore become the catalyst that pulls everyone else up.

I applaud everyone who has understood these basic facts and who has decided to do something about it. The central message on this website is that the only way to bring about true change on this planet is for a critical mass of people, and I am talking millions of people, to make a fully conscious decision to walk the path toward a higher state of consciousness.

On this website I have called that state of consciousness for personal Christhood, or Christ consciousness. I am aware that many people, especially many New Age people, have various reservations about anything that sounds like Christianity. However, I must tell you that the term Christ consciousness is simply a universal term that we of the ascended master use here in the spiritual realm. The way we use the term is not confined to the Christian religion. Therefore, I hope that many of the people who have reservations about Christianity, and many of those reservations are quite understandable, will raise their understanding so that they can see the underlying universality.

I am Jesus Christ. I did inspire the spiritual movement that later became the organized religion called Christianity. Yet I am now a spiritual being. No spiritual being can be confined to the divisions and labels that human beings create from the relativity of the dualistic mind. When people are caught in relativity, they love to create little boxes and make people and ideas, even God, fit into one of their boxes. When you rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind and win your eternal freedom as a spiritual being, an ascended master, you throw away all of those boxes. Who needs boxes when you have a fully conscious recognition of the unlimited being of God.

I hope you will understand that the following remarks are not aimed at any particular organization or individual. I am simply taking this opportunity to make a general comment. There are a great number of people, and fortunately that number is growing every day, who are becoming aware of the need to raise the understanding and consciousness of humankind. These people come from many different backgrounds, including traditional religion, science or the New Age movement.

I am a spiritual teacher, and I do not put people into boxes or judge them according to a relative standard. I love everyone with an unconditional love, and I seek to help and inspire everyone to come up higher. Therefore I applaud everyone who is making a sincere effort to raise their own consciousness and the consciousness of humankind. My point here is that no single person is more important than any other single person. Consequently, no organization is more important than any other organization.

When you look at the current situation on planet earth, I think it should be obvious that there is indeed much opposition to spiritual growth. I know that many people are reluctant to consider the existence of evil forces. Yet let us simply perform a little thought experiment and imagine that there is a force that is trying to prevent humankind from reaching a new level of spiritual awareness. If such a force did exist, what would be its primary method for sabotaging the efforts of the people who are sincerely working to bring about positive change?

I must tell you that the most successful effort is the divide-and-conquer strategy. There are many individuals and organizations making a sincere effort to bring a new understanding and a higher level of consciousness. Despite what some of the leaders and members of such organizations claim or believe, there is not one single organization that can do this by itself. If a large-scale spiritual awakening is to happen, it can only happen by a large number of people and organizations deciding to work together on a common goal.

You must understand that in the spiritual realm there is a great number of spiritual beings who are seeking to inspire humankind. Despite the fact that we are all individuals, we are all working together as part of the same team. We all see the essential unity behind our individuality, because we realize that we all came from the same source.

The main thing that can bring spiritual renewal to this planet is the large-scale recognition by millions of people that despite their individual differences, despite their various backgrounds beliefs and belief systems, they are all part of the one Body of God on earth.

The one factor that works against the formation of the one Body of God on earth is the divide-and-conquer strategy. You must understand that dark forces cannot work against people’s free will. They will try to manipulate people into making wrong choices, but people must make the choice to support or not resist darkness. What makes people vulnerable to this manipulation is that they identify with the relativity of the dualistic mind. The dark forces use this relativity to manipulate people.

The only possible way to escape this manipulation is to rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind. That is why I said: “The prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” That is why the Devil could not tempt me and why the demons of Mara could not tempt my beloved brother, Gautama Buddha. There are especially two tendencies that make people vulnerable to the divide-and-conquer strategy, and therefore are devastating to spiritual unity.

One is people’s need to feel that they are somehow better or above others. Many sincere individuals still have a subtle feeling that they want to be the avant garde who saves humanity. Others have a need to feel that their organization or their efforts are more effective or more important than that of other people. Therefore, many individuals and organizations tend to set themselves apart from others and they do not acknowledge the need for cooperation. They feel that they are single-handedly doing God’s work and saving the planet, and they want to keep it that way by not recognizing any “competing” organizations. The basis for this is pride.

Another factor is that some people have a tendency to believe that the only way to save the planet is through one particular belief system or one particular organization. Therefore, their main goal is not to raise the consciousness of humankind. Their main goal is to promote one particular belief system, one particular organization or one particular Guru as the only way to save the planet. As I have stated elsewhere, there is more than one true religion. Up here in heaven, there is no competition. Therefore, there should be no competition among those on earth who see themselves as the servants of God. The basis for this competition is fear.

I am not making these remarks to criticize or find fault with any particular organization or individual. I am merely trying to point out to you that the only way to create major change on this planet is for people to come together and join forces as the one Body of God on earth. During the Piscean age, people often attempted to force unity by seeking to make their particular organization into the dominant organization. Sometimes they would try to convert everyone else or kill those who would not be converted. In the Aquarian age, the belief in one superior organization or belief system is completely and utterly outdated.

I am not advocating that all people join one particular organization or belief system. Instead, I am encouraging people to form a network of individuals and organizations who are willing to work together on the essential goal of raising the consciousness of humankind. What I am saying is that those who have reached a certain level of spiritual maturity, a certain level of personal Christhood, need to recognize the need to look beyond divisions and establish a new type of unity, a unity that does not eradicate differences but empowers people to look beyond differences.

In heaven we are still individuals. We never lost our individuality by letting go of the relativity and the divisions of the dualistic mind. On the contrary, we won our true God-given individuality. That is what I desire to see on earth, a true unity so that human beings in embodiment can not only form a unity with each other but also a unity with the ascended masters. Thereby, people in embodiment and we, who are the spiritual teachers of humankind, can form a unity and be as Above so below.

In the early days of the Christian movement, my disciples were divided over the issue of whether they could preach my word to non-Jews. The controversy was resolved by the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost:

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. (Acts 2:1).

Why did the Holy Spirit descend on that occasion? Because the disciples were of “one accord.” This did not mean that they had lost their individuality or differences. It meant that they were united in a sincere desire to know and do what is of God and they were willing to rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind. The scriptures also record that I made a promise:

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (matthew 18:20 )

This does not simply mean that whenever people get together and repeat my name, they automatically summon my Presence. To do that, they must be willing to reach beyond the divisions of the dualistic mind and be of one accord. My name in synonymous with Christ consciousness, and unless you approach me from the Christ consciousness, I cannot possibly respond to your call.

What I desire to see happen on this planet is that all truly spiritual people will see the need to reach beyond outer differences and divisions. I hope people will come together and be of one accord in a desire to bring forth a higher state of consciousness. If that were to happen, I can assure you that the ascended master would pour out such a measure of the Holy Spirit that there would not be room enough to receive it. And until it does happen in greater measure, spiritual movements simply will not have the impact on society that they could have by being more united.

When you see the competition, distrust and hostility between some spiritual movements, how could you possibly see these teachings as a way to overcome the competition, distrust and hostility found elsewhere in society?


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