Why do Jews and Arabs hate each other?

TOPICS: Why the Middle East is like a broken record – the false path of fear – schoolroom of earth seeks to help people confront their fears – fear and conditional love – both jews and Arabs on the path of fear – children who are brought up to hate – hatred in the DNA? – hatred in the energy field – vortexes of negative energy – people are overpowered by anger and hatred – people become robots who act out what is in the collective energy field – the influence of dark forces – dark forces steal people’s energy by getting them to react with hatred – dark forces have no respect for free will – they use deception to trick people into killing each other – the serpentine lie that the ends justify the means – demons consider the Middle East their primary feeding ground – momentums of the past – many Jews were Arabs in past lives and vice versa – some people so committed to hared that they are beyond reason – some lifestreams must be judged and removed from earth – people can bring judgment and counteract dark lifestreams – no human solutions; necessary to bring the power of God – many people do not want peace – you can authorize the masters to remove darkness – using spiritual tools to change the situation – exposing those who do not want peace –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I have been wanting to ask you to comment on the situation in the Middle East. I would like to begin with a question that someone submitted: “What is the reason for the hatred between Jews and Arabs, and how far back does it go?”

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I am grateful for the opportunity to comment on the situation in the Middle East. I consider the situation one of the greatest threats to world peace. Because the situation is so serious, I do not desire to give a simplistic or superficial answer. Therefore, I will describe the deeper reasons why this situation is going on like a broken record with no true resolution in sight.

Some of the reasons I will give in the following will be shocking and unacceptable to many people. Yet unless you take these reasons into account, you will not understand why this situation is going on and why there seems to be no resolution to the conflict. I will begin by giving the reasons that should be acceptable to most people and then gradually work my way towards the reasons that will be acceptable only to those with an open mind.

Modern scientists have discovered that the material universe is affected by two opposing forces, an attractive force and a repulsive force, sometimes called action and reaction. Likewise, the emotional world of man is dominated by two forces, namely love and fear. Love is the attractive force. When you love something, you want to be around it, and therefore you are drawn to it. Fear is the repulsive force, and when you fear something you want to get away from it. So people’s natural inclination is to move towards that which they love and to move away from that which they fear.

The overall purpose for planet earth is that this planet is designed to be a schoolroom for lifestreams who are in a certain state of consciousness. Although there are many different levels of this state of consciousness, the overall characteristic for what we might call “human consciousness” is that people see themselves as separated from their spiritual source, separated from God. Ultimately, this sense of separation springs from a fear of God.

The purpose of the School of earth is to give lifestreams in this state of consciousness the best possible opportunity to get back to union with their source. This can happen only when these people walk the path of love and thereby overcome their fears. Because everything is subject to free will, God cannot force people to love him or accept his love, and he has no desire to do so. Instead, God offers them an opportunity to learn how to conquer their fears and embrace the path of love that will set them free to be who they truly are as God’s children.

The School of earth seeks to accomplish its goal by putting people in situations where they are given the best possible opportunity to abandon fear and embrace love. As I said earlier, people naturally want to move away from that which they fear. So if they were allowed to follow this inclination, they would never learn to overcome their fears. They would spend all of their time running from their fears. Therefore, the School of earth always seeks to place a particular lifestream in a situation where that lifestream is confronted with the need to overcome fear. In other words, people are put in situations that force them to confront their fears.

In a sense, all fear is the fear of the unknown. Many people tend to fear those who are different from themselves, and they want to be around only those who are similar to themselves. To help people overcome this fear, they are often put in close proximity with people who are different from themselves. This then gives people the opportunity to confront their fears.

In such situations, people have two basic options. The highest option is that they can respond to the situation by overcoming their fears and embracing the path of love. The path of love is the universal path that transcends all of the religions found on earth. However, virtually every religion describes the path of love and offers people an opportunity to embrace love and abandon fear. That is why I told people to love their neighbors as themselves and to forgive seventy times seven. If people will embrace the path of love, they will gradually transcend their fears.

You know the saying that perfect love casts out all fear. What is perfect love? It is the unconditional love of God! When you open your heart to this love, you will not simply love those who are similar to yourself. You will be able to love those who are very different from yourself; you will love your enemies. Your love of your fellow man will not be dependent upon outer characteristics. Therefore, you will be able to see beyond the outer differences and love the lifestream within the outer person, the lifestream who is a son or daughter of the same God who fathered you.

The lower option is taken by those who are not willing to embrace the path of unconditional love. They can love only those who are like themselves, and sometimes not even those. One might say that fear causes people’s love to become conditional and thereby fall below the mark of divine love. It becomes human, or relative, love.

Such lifestreams then follow the false path, the way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of hatred, which can cause the death of the lifestream. When people follow this path, they will fear those who are different from themselves. So when you are in a situation where you cannot get away from the people you fear, the lifestream will feel trapped. The lifestream will be like a wild animal driven into a corner. It will inevitably respond with anger, aggression and hatred against the people whom it fears. It will turn those people into scapegoats, saying that the other people are responsible for its anger and hatred.

In reality, such people are simply refusing to take responsibility for their own situation. They are refusing to acknowledge that it is their responsibility to “choose this day whom you will serve.” Will you serve the God of love or the false god of fear? To justify this abandonment of personal accountability, they must turn other people into enemies and build a culture and belief system which makes it seem as if the enemies are responsible for the misery in these people’s lives.

So based on this explanation, one might say that the cause of the hatred between Jews and Arabs is that people on both sides have decided to follow the path of hatred instead of following the path of unconditional love. One might consider that the conflict between Jews and Arabs is caused by a psychological problem, a problem that polarizes people towards hate and away from love. One might also say that it is a spiritual problem, which polarizes people towards the false god of hatred instead of towards the true God of love.

So if there is to be a resolution to the current situation in the Middle East, a critical mass of people will have to embrace the psychological and spiritual solution of abandoning the path of fear, even though it seems right unto a man, and embrace the path of unconditional love.

However, while this explanation is certainly true and does account for the psychological mechanism working in the situation, there are many more factors at work. Unless you understand these factors, it will be very difficult for a person to overcome the downward pull of fear and hatred that is enveloping the situation and the region.

Modern psychology has correctly pointed out the link between people’s behavior and the culture and environment in which they grow up. So many children in the Middle East grow up in a culture dominated by fear, anger and hatred against their neighbors. I am not saying that all parents in the Middle East deliberately and willfully bring up their children to hate. For most people this is simply a subconscious programming that neither the parents nor the children recognize or understand.

Given the current culture in the Middle East, in both Israel and surrounding countries, it is inevitable that many people are literally raised to hate and fight those who are different from themselves. That is why you see so many young people, especially young men, who are eager to become fodder for the beasts of war that are stalking the region, seeking whom they may devour.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that human beings do not have to be slaves of their culture and environment. Every person has the opportunity to rise above it and to take a vastly different path in life than the path taken by his or her parents. If people did not have this potential, the world would still be ruled by the law of the jungle. There would be no respect for individual freedom, no democracy, no United Nations, no international cooperation, no peace movements and no attempts to reach beyond cultural boundaries.

So if there is to be a resolution to the conflict, a critical mass of people must decide to make a determined and fully conscious effort to overcome the culture of fear, anger and hatred. These people must decide to personally follow the path of love and then begin to build a culture based on unconditional love.

Modern science has also correctly discovered that people’s behavior can be influenced by hereditary factors. Some of the more open-minded scientists have started realizing that the human genes are simply storage facilities for information. These scientists have also begun to realize that information always originates in a conscious mind of some kind.

This web page is stored on a computer in the form of a meaningless sequence of ones and zeros that form a collection of data. The computer itself simply stores and displays the data without attaching any kind of meaning to it. In other words, the computer stores and displays data, not information. However, when that data is displayed on a screen, a human being can decode the data and what was meaningless data is now transformed into information. This information exists only in the mind of human beings. My point here is that information cannot exist independently of a conscious mind.

In reality, the physical genes carry only information for how the cells produce proteins. Yet DNA is only the tip of the iceberg of the mechanisms in a human being that store information. Beyond the physical body is an energy field, often called the aura, and it is a storage area for information that goes far beyond DNA. A person’s state of consciousness is to a large degree determined by the information stored in the person’s own energy field AND in the energy field of the parents—which affect the child while it is in the womb and as it is growing up.

A person’s energy field has an effect upon, the person’s genes and this can predispose the person to produce the kind of chemicals and hormones that trigger feelings of fear, anger and hatred. In other words, current scientific doctrine, which states that human beings are slaves of the genetic code, is not entirely correct because the person’s psychology is influenced primarily by the energy field. However, if a family has lived in a fear-based culture for generations, the fear and hatred will have affected the genes in that family. Therefore, children born into that family will be genetically predisposed to respond to life with fear and hatred. In other words, the tendency to respond with fear is built into the genetic material of the children’s brains and cells.

The downside of this is that it truly is difficult for people to free themselves from their genes and the deeper information in the energy fields of themselves, their family and culture. The upside is that the genetic programming and the programming in the energy field was created by the human mind. What the human mind has created, the human mind can uncreate. So even if a person has been bred to hate, that person does have the option to overcome this programming. Doing so will take a very determined effort. However, knowing that the effort requires a reprogramming of the energy field and the genes can be half the victory because the person sees the need to dig deep.

Modern science has established that the entire universe is made of energy. Everything is energy, including human thoughts and emotions. Modern science has also established that energy cannot be created or destroyed. In other words, when energy has attained a certain level of vibration, it will remain in that state of vibration forever, unless some outside force changes the vibration of the energy.

The consequences of these findings are very profound. However, in this context the most important aspect is that human thoughts and feelings are forms of energy. One might say that what enables people to think and feel is that there is a constant stream of energy flowing through their minds. As that energy passes through a person’s mind, the energy will be colored by the person’s thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings will literally change the vibration of the energy streaming through your mind.

Because all energy is vibration, every human emotion has a corresponding vibration. So if you allow yourself to feel anger and hatred, you will generate a portion of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. This energy will not simply disappear even after you no longer feel angry. As stated in the first law of thermodynamics, the energy will not go away. Consequently, it must be stored somewhere.

Modern science is just beginning to realize that there is an energy field surrounding the human body. When you generate emotional energy, some of that energy will be stored in the energy field surrounding your body. As you keep feeding energy of a certain vibration into your field, which many psychologists call the subconscious mind, it will gradually begin to form a magnetic pull on your thoughts and emotions. If you accumulate a lot of energy that vibrates at a frequency of hatred, it will gradually begin to pull your conscious mind into thinking thoughts of hatred and feeling hatred.

What happens is that the energy in your subconscious mind forms of vortex that is similar to a maelstrom in the ocean or a black hole in space. When this vortex is weak, it has no noticeable effect on your conscious mind. As it grows stronger, it will begin to affect your conscious mind, and an alert person will notice this interference. Unfortunately, most people either ignore or deny the problem, and as a result the vortex keeps getting stronger until it eventually overpowers their thoughts and emotions.

At that point, such people can literally become like robots who are unable to consciously choose their response to a given situation. Instead, they are pulled into a preprogrammed, or automatic, response by the energy vortexes in their subconscious minds.

The human body is not the only object on earth that is surrounded by an energy field. In fact, the entire planet is surrounded by an energy field, and it acts as a storehouse for all of the energies generated by humankind since man first appeared on this planet. The result is that the energy field of the earth has a number of vortexes created by negative feelings, such as fear, anger and hatred. As one would expect, such vortexes are located over those areas of the globe that have a concentration of people caught in a certain culture or frame of mind.

Based on this information, it should not be difficult for an open-minded person to recognize that given the history of the Middle East, there must be a number of energy vortexes of fear, anger and hatred centered over that region. It should then be possible to see that such vortexes can literally overpower those people who are either weak-minded or who are not aware of how they are influenced by negative energy in their surroundings. The result is that many of the people in the Middle East are not consciously choosing to feel anger or hatred against their neighbors. They are simply being overpowered by the energy vortexes that have been reinforced generation after generation for thousands of years.

The good news is that by becoming aware of the fact that everything is energy and how the human psyche is affected by energy, it will not only be possible, but relatively easy, for individual people to free themselves from the downward pull of these energy vortexes. If a critical mass of people would become aware of this problem and decide to do something about, it would even be possible, over a period of time, to dissolve the energy vortexes centered over the Middle East. How can this be done?

Energy is vibration and it moves in the form of waves. When two waves meet, they create interference. If a low-frequency wave meets a high-frequency wave, the vibration of the low-frequency wave will be raised to a higher level. In other words, if you send love into a vortex of hatred, you can gradually raise the vibration of the energy and thus dissolve the hatred.

This is the scientific explanation for the statement that perfect love casts out fear. When you accept the vibration of unconditional love into your personal energy field, that high-frequency energy will literally consume the low-frequency energy of fear. If people decide to become electrodes for perfect love and send that energy into their surroundings, they can gradually consume the vortexes of fear, anger and hatred. This then would make it far easier to bring forth a true resolution to the conflict in the Middle East.

Many modern people, both religious and nonreligious consider the concept of evil forces to be a product of the superstition of the past. However, even modern science has opened up for the existence of such forces. The scientific fact that everything is energy and that energy is vibration has opened up for a multi-dimensional view of the world.

The material universe is made of energies that vibrate within a certain spectrum. Beyond the material universe is a realm that vibrates at higher frequencies than the material world. This is what we might call the spiritual realm, or heaven. As the material world is inhabited by conscious beings, called human beings, the spiritual realm is also inhabited by conscious beings. Among them are God, angels and numerous ascended masters, such as myself. We serve as the spiritual teachers for humankind and our job is to help human beings abandon the path of fear and follow the path of unconditional love.

Below the material universe is a realm that vibrates at lower frequencies. This realm is also inhabited by conscious beings, and they are constantly seeking to cause people to follow the path of fear instead of the path of love. I know that many modern people will reject this idea, but they might have second thoughts if they understood why these forces are trying to deceive people into following the lower path.

The universe is made of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. However, this law applies only to the material universe. In reality, energy comes directly from God. God creates by sending out waves of energy. As the pure energy of God cycles through the world created by God, it is gradually lowered in vibration. In other words, the material universe is sustained by a constant stream of spiritual energy, which is lowered in vibration until it vibrates within the spectrum of frequencies that make up the material world.

God is a conscious being, and energy can only stream into the material world through the minds of conscious beings. Some of the energy that streams into the material world streams through the minds of the ascended masters. Some of the energy streams through the minds of human beings. It is this energy that people qualify with their thoughts and feelings. If you qualify God’s energy with a positive feeling, you will help sustain or even enhance the material universe. If you qualify the energy with a negative feeling, you will help create a vortex of negative energy that will serve to break down the material universe.

In order to receive energy directly from the spiritual realm, a person must have a certain level of consciousness. In technical terms, we might say that the person’s consciousness must have a critical mass of positive energy. In other words, the person’s energy field must have a certain resonance with the higher energies of the spiritual realm. This then becomes the open door through which the energies of the spiritual realm can stream into the material world.

The consequence is that if a person accumulates a critical mass of negative energy in his or her energy field, the person can literally be cut off from the high-frequency energies of the spiritual realm. The person can no longer receive energy directly from the spiritual source. So to survive, the person must now feed off the energies of other people. The person must literally steal energies from other people because that person can no longer receive them directly from the source. The person then becomes an energy vampire.

This explains why the dark forces in the lower realms are constantly seeking to deceive human beings. These forces, and the entire realm in which they exist, vibrate at such low levels that they cannot receive energy directly from the spiritual realm. Therefore, these forces can continue to exist only by stealing energy from human beings. However, these forces cannot digest any type of energy. Like attracts like, and the forces of darkness cannot absorb the higher energies of love. They can only absorb energies of lower vibrations, such as fear, anger and hatred. Therefore, the dark forces can continue to exist only by deceiving people into thinking negative thoughts and engaging in negative emotions, thereby generating energy of such low vibrations that they can be absorbed by dark forces.

The dark forces have two main methods for accomplishing this goal. One method is deception, whereby they seek to make people believe that it is acceptable for them to engage in negative thoughts, negative emotions and negative actions. It is essential for people to understand that we of the ascended masters have an absolute respect for the laws of God, including the Law of Free Will. Even though we love our unascended brothers and sisters and would like nothing more than to see people walk the path of unconditional love, we will never violate people’s free will and seek to force them to walk this path.

Dark forces have decided to rebel against the law and the will of God. Therefore they have absolutely no respect for the free will of human beings. They are willing to do absolutely anything to deceive people into feeding them negative energy. These forces believe that the ends can justify the means, and their primary tool for deceiving people is to make people accept this philosophy.

Virtually any conflict between human beings originates with the decision to accept the serpentine lie that the ends can justify the means. Take for example the situation in the Middle East. Both Jews and Arabs, and for that matter Christians, honor the Old Testament. The foundation for the Old Testament is the Ten Commandments. The law clearly states, “Thou shall not kill.” This is an absolute and an unconditional statement. The Ten Commandments do not specify any conditions under which it becomes acceptable to kill your fellow man. So the fact that people in the Middle East are willing to kill each other, and even feel that killing is justified by their religion, demonstrates clearly that these people have accepted the serpentine lie that the end can justify the means.

When you accept this serpentine lie, you will inevitably be pulled unto the false path of fear. You will begin to believe that it is acceptable that you respond to certain situations with the negative feelings of anger and hatred. Thereby, you will begin to build a vortex that will gradually overpower your conscious will, until you automatically respond to certain situations with violence. Eventually, you will begin to believe that the only possible solution to certain situations is violence and that the ultimate solution is to kill all your enemies.

The other strategy employed by dark forces is to seek to overpower people with negative energy. For example, if a person is open to believing that anger is justified, a demon can literally send such an intense wave of anger against the person that he is overpowered by the energy and therefore lapses into a state of anger. As the person qualifies the pure energies of God with the vibration of anger, the demon can then steal these energies and therefore end up with a net gain of energy. Of course, overpowering people with anger becomes much easier if people already live within a vortex of anger or a culture of hatred.

I earlier talked about energy vortexes centered over the Middle East. Well, the dark forces, which many religious people correctly call demons, automatically gravitate towards such energy vortexes. In fact, most of the energy vortexes over the Middle East were started under the influence of demons. So you might say that at the bottom of such a vortex is a powerful demon which is feeding off the energies that are being sucked into the vortex. I can tell you that the demons of this world currently consider the Middle East as one of their primary feeding grounds. In fact, this region could be considered an “all-you-can-eat restaurant” for the dark forces.

I realize that this is a depressing topic that most people would rather not think about. Yet I must tell you frankly that unless you are willing to recognize how the situation in the Middle East is being influenced and controlled by dark forces, there can be no true resolution to this situation.

The key to a resolution is to recognize that the power of God is always superior to the forces of darkness. This can be seen by the simple fact that high-frequency energy cancels out low-frequency energy. To promote a true resolution to the conflict in the Middle East, it will be necessary to bring the high-frequency energy of God to consume and cancel out the lower frequency energies and the dark forces feeding off them.

However, remember that the ascended masters have an absolute respect for people’s free will. We have all the power necessary to cancel out the forces of darkness in the Middle East and around the entire planet. Archangel Michael has already cast these dark forces out of a previous sphere and is perfectly capable of casting them out of the earth. Yet until human beings give him the authority to act in their world, we must respect people’s free will. Until people authorize us to go into action, we can only stand by and watch as the dark forces continue to devour people’s energies.

We now come to a factor that will be rejected by most orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews. However, unless you consider this factor, you will not be able to fully understand what is happening in the Middle East. I have talked about several factors that program people to respond with hatred. Although these factors can have a major impact on the lifestream, they cannot fully explain why some lifestreams are born with an intense hatred of an outer enemy. If you take an unbiased look at this phenomenon, you must reason that the hatred is so intense that it could not possibly have been produced in this lifetime. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that the hatred has been building for many lifetimes.

Regardless of what orthodox people say, reincarnation is a fact of life on this planet. [For more on this, click here] There are currently many lifestreams in the Middle East who have been embodying in that environment for thousands of years. It should not be difficult to imagine that if a lifestream has had many lifetimes in a culture dominated by fear and anger, it is no wonder that the lifestream in its current lifetime is consumed by hatred.

Why is it so important to recognize that certain lifestreams have spent many lifetimes building their current momentum of hatred? Because this recognition provides important clues that can contribute to the resolution of the situation.

As stated above, the purpose of the School of earth is to help lifestreams make the choice to anchor themselves on the path of unconditional love and leave behind the path of fear. When the lifestream has spent many lifetimes building a momentum of fear or hatred, it will take a dramatic turnaround to get the lifestream to stop this downward path and change course. A perfect example of such a turnaround was the one experienced by Paul on the road to Damascus.

If a lifestream understands and acknowledges the reality of reincarnation, it can begin to take a critical look at its current frame of mind and consider what that frame of mind says about the person’s past lives. If you currently have a momentum of hatred, then you have spent many lifetimes building that hatred. When you understand the reality of reincarnation, you realize that although a lifestream can be given many lifetimes to turn itself around, it will not be given forever. So if you have a strong momentum of hatred, it should be clear to you that you have already spent many lifetimes building that momentum.

Therefore you might consider that you could be nearing the end of your opportunity. And if you do not turn your life around and step unto the path of unconditional love before your time is up, then you might come to the end of the line. As I explained elsewhere, there will indeed come a point where a lifestream will no longer be given the opportunity to re-embody on planet earth. Some lifestreams will then go through the process of the second death, whereby they are permanently erased. This realization might indeed help some people turn themselves around.

Another factor that might be helpful is to realize how reincarnation requires a lifestream to be on the receiving end of what it does to others. So if you spend a lifetime persecuting or killing an outer enemy, it is likely that in your next lifetime you will re-embody as a member of that enemy. The reality of the situation in the Middle East is that you currently have many Jews who in their last life were embodied as Arabs and vice versa.

If a lifestream will fully recognize this, it might begin to consider the following. If I am a Jew in this lifetime and hate the Arabs, it is likely that in my last lifetime I was an Arab hating the Jews. So perhaps the real problem is not the Arabs or the Jews. Perhaps the real problem is the hatred which imprisons my lifestream and prevents me from moving forward on my spiritual journey towards my home? So do I really want to spend the rest of this lifetime fighting the outer enemy, or will I instead fight the enemy within, conquer my hatred and embrace the path of love?

Another reason why it is important to consider reincarnation is that a lifestream can build momentums that it cannot control. There are currently certain lifestreams in the Middle East who are so consumed by their hatred that they have made an almost absolute commitment to the path of hatred. There is very little chance that these lifestreams will voluntarily turn themselves around. They have spent so many lifetimes building this momentum of hatred that they are not likely to suddenly embrace the path of love. The consequence is that as long as these lifestreams remain in embodiment in the Middle East, they will actively work against peace.

One of the biggest problems on planet earth today is that most people do not understand the reality of life on this planet. To be more specific, many of the more positive people on this planet do not understand that God has allowed certain lifestreams to embody on this planet who are very different from themselves.

Although these are not evil lifestreams, they have spent many lifetimes building up the momentum of hatred. So a positive lifestream often expects that it is possible to turn these lifestreams around simply by reasoning with them. This is a dangerous illusion. Some of these lifestreams will not be persuaded by any amount of arguments no matter how persuasive they might seem to a positive lifestream. These people have made an absolute commitment to the path of hatred, and it is extremely unlikely that they can be persuaded by the reasoning of a loving lifestream. [For more on this, click here.]

So what is the solution to this condition? The solution is embodied in my saying, “For judgment I am come.” Many people hold the naive notion that I appeared in the Middle East because it is such a holy and spiritual place. In reality, I embodied in the Middle East precisely because it is one of the darkest places on earth. This darkness is, as explained above, caused by the fact that people in this region have been fighting for thousands of years and have built very intense vortexes of dark energies. It is also caused by the fact that there are many lifestreams embodied in the Middle East who have an absolute commitment to darkness.

I came into embodiment partly to bring about the judgment of the lifestreams who for eons had refused to bend the knee and accept the path of love. I allowed some of these lifestreams to persecute and crucify me because in persecuting the living Christ, these lifestreams brought about their judgment. Indeed, an entire division of dark lifestreams was taken from the earth as a result of that one embodiment. If these lifestreams had not been taken 2,000 years ago, it is highly likely that humankind would already have used modern weapons to self-destruct.

There are still certain lifestreams left on earth who have this absolute commitment to darkness. These lifestreams were allowed to embody on this planet after the Fall of Man. The Fall was caused by a fall in people’s level of consciousness. Because humankind had descended into this lower state of consciousness, certain dark lifestreams, who were already in this state of consciousness, were allowed to embody on this planet. Some of these lifestreams have very old momentums of anger and warfare. In fact, if you read between the lines of the Old Testament, you will see that some of these lifestreams taught human beings how to wage war and how to build weapons of war.

My point here is that what allows these lifestreams to continue to re-embody on earth (they are not all in the Middle East) is that the majority of human beings have not raised their consciousness to a sufficient level. As long as these lifestreams continue to embody here, they will continue to attempt to drag the rest of humanity into their war games. Some of these lifestreams are currently using the situation in the Middle East as an attempt to drag the rest of humanity into a third world-wide war. Some of these lifestreams subconsciously know that their time is short, and they are simply attempting to drag other people with them before they are sent to a lower level than planet earth or go to the second death.

The more enlightened people can do several things to counteract the schemes of these dark lifestreams. One is to raise their own level of consciousness and thereby raise the vibration of the entire planet. This will counteract the negative energies of these lifestreams and literally take away their power to create warfare. These dark lifestreams feed off the energies that people misqualify through hatred, so when the amount of negative energy is reduced, so is the power of dark lifestreams and the dark forces supporting them.

People can also educate themselves to the existence of such lifestreams and learn to recognize the methods of these lifestreams. Thereby, such lifestreams can be exposed for what they are, namely lifestreams working against peace, lifestreams who will never accept peace for any reason. These lifestreams can then be isolated and excluded from the decision-making process.

People can also make the calls to the ascended masters to bind the dark forces who are supporting and reinforcing the dark lifestreams. A human being in embodiment can become an electrode either for the forces of light or for the forces of darkness.

As the last solution, people can make the call to God to bring about the judgment of the dark lifestreams. This is indeed a legitimate cause for lifestreams who are committed to the path of unconditional love. You are not in any way engaging in negative feelings towards dark lifestreams. You are staying free of their fear, anger and hatred. In fact it is the unconditional love of God which causes you to decide that you can no longer allow these people to remain on earth and thereby destroy your brothers and sisters or the entire planetary home. You then decide to use your authority as a son or daughter of God to call for the justice and judgment of God to descend upon the lifestreams who are bent on destruction.

Kim: I have to say that those who have read this exposé are likely to feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean, you are painting a very bleak picture, which makes it seem like there is no solution. Is there a solution?

Jesus: I am deliberately painting a very somber picture, because my purpose for this exposé is to bring people to experience a reality check. It is my hope that people will reach a very important conclusion, namely that there are no human solutions to the problems in the Middle East. The only possible solution to this situation is a divine solution. Only the power of God can change this situation for the better.

Simply look at the history books. The fighting, the warfare and the hatred in the Middle East has been going on throughout recorded history. I can tell you that it has actually been going on for much longer. When you realize that this has been going on for thousands of years, and that it is the same lifestreams who are promoting this hatred over and over again, you clearly see that there is no political solution.

We currently have a very dangerous situation, and it is caused by the fact that too many people do not understand, or are not willing to acknowledge, that human beings cannot resolve the conflict in the Middle East without God’s help. This is partly because of ignorance, but it is also caused by arrogance. And I am sad to say that many people in Christian nations are influenced by this arrogance.

Since the creation of the state of Israel, many western nations have attempted to bring a resolution to the conflict between Jews and Arabs. Many western leaders have attempted to meddle in the affairs of the Middle East. Most of these leaders grew up in a western culture that is not as heavily influenced by fear and hatred as the culture of the Middle East. Furthermore, most of these leaders grew up in a Christian culture that is very different from the religious cultures of the Middle East.

So when such western leaders attempt to bring a political solution to the Middle East, their proposed solution will inevitably be influenced by their western and Christian culture. These leaders go into the situation with the expectation that it will be possible to persuade the warring factions through reasoning, by appealing to the better side of human nature or by offering them incentives or even buying them off outright.

What these leaders fail to understand, or refuse to acknowledge, is that political measures simply cannot resolve the situation. When you take into consideration all the factors I described above, I think this should be obvious. You are not dealing with a situation in which normal, or positive, people are having a disagreement that can be resolved through dialog and mutual understanding. You are dealing with lifestreams who are so trapped in a downward spiral that no human power can pull them out of it. You are dealing with lifestreams who do not want a solution, who do not want peace, because they are absolutely committed to the path of anti-love.

As long as people continue to attempt to bring a human solution to this conflict, the effect will be an escalation of tension, and this increases the risk that the entire region may erupt and pull the rest of the world into World War III. It is essential that people awaken and humble themselves to the fact that they cannot resolve this situation without asking for God’s intercession. Until that happens, you will not see a dramatic turnaround in the situation. Instead, you will see that the situation continues to deteriorate towards the inevitable flash point.

Kim: So what could people reading this website do to help bring about a resolution?

Jesus: You can begin by fully recognizing that the only way to end the conflict in the Middle East is to invoke a spiritual solution. Human powers alone cannot resolve the situation. Therefore, if you desire to have a positive impact, you must bring the power of God to bear upon the situation. How can you do that?

One of the recurring themes on this website is that each human being is a son or daughter of God. This was also the recurring theme of my entire mission, although it has been lost in orthodox doctrine. Because you are an individualization of God, you have the authority to command the power of God to remove darkness from this earth.

To exercise your authority as a son or daughter of God, you must first of all manifest some degree of personal Christhood. This will require you to commit yourself firmly to the path of unconditional love and to leave behind the path of fear, anger and hatred.

For some people this will require a deep psychological transformation. However, as you take up the path of Christhood, this transformation will begin to occur. Obviously, I strongly encourage people to use the means offered by worldly psychology as well as their particular religion to speed up this transformation. So the first step towards having a positive impact is to raise your consciousness because in doing so you will raise the consciousness of all people. That is why I said that if I be lifted up, I would draw all men unto me.

Another important facet is to invoke high-frequency spiritual energy from above and to direct that energy into the vortexes of negative energies that exist over the Middle East. You can do this through the spiritual practices of your particular religion. You can do it even by visualizing the light of God, either as a blue flame of Archangel Michael or as a violet fire that transmutes all imperfect energies over the Middle East.

You can do this by saying prayers or performing rituals while you are visualizing how the light invoked consumes the darkness over the Middle East. For example, giving the rosary to my beloved mother while looking at a map of the Middle East and visualizing the power of the Divine Mother devouring all darkness in the region is an extremely powerful exercise [For Mother Mary’s world invocations, click here.] Yet every religion contains tools for invoking spiritual energy, and by directing this energy with your conscious mind, you can consume darkness.

Another factor is to educate yourself to the methods and identities of the people who simply will not say die, those who will not work for peace or accept any reasoning for peace. Then seek to educate others to the reality and the existence of such people and the need to bring a spiritual solution to the situation instead of seeking political solutions that are continually sabotaged by these lifestreams. If possible, seek to bring this into public awareness so these lifestreams can be exposed and eliminated from the decision-making process. Seek to awaken others to the need to work for a spiritual solution. This will not be an easy task, but if a critical mass of people commit themselves to the task, you will begin to see results.

When you have attained a certain degree of contact with your higher self, you can use the authority of a son of daughter of God to invoke God’s judgment and justice upon the evildoers on this planet. This is what I did 2,000 years ago, and you have the authority to do this today. I can no longer call forth God’s judgment because I am not in embodiment. Therefore, we of the ascended masters are eagerly waiting for those in embodiment to give us the authority to bind the evildoers on this planet.

One efficient way to do this is to make a simple prayer or call to Archangel Michael to bind the evil forces of this earth, to bind and consume the demons and dark forces seeking to enslave the people on the path of hatred, to bind and consume the vortexes of negative energy and to take away the power of the lifestreams who are committed to darkness.

I hereby release a call that anyone can give aloud to call forth God’s judgment:

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and by the authority of the spark of God within my heart and the authority of my Christ self, I now invoke the electronic presence of Jesus Christ to manifest where I am and to bring forth God’s judgment upon the evildoers on this earth, especially . . .

(Briefly describe the situation and name names of key individuals involved)

By the authority of Jesus Christ, I now call for God’s judgment and God’s justice to descend upon the warmongers and the evildoers on this planet. I call for the infinite power of God to strip these lifestreams of their power to pull people and nations unto the path of hatred and war.

By the authority of Jesus Christ, I call to Archangel Michael and the legions of the ascended masters to descend into this world and wage spiritual warfare against the demons and the dark forces that are enslaving the people and binding them on the false path of fear and hatred.

By the authority of Jesus Christ, I call forth the full physical manifestation of the Will of God for planet earth. I demand that the electronic matrix of God’s kingdom be lowered into full physical manifestation to consume all energies that fall below the vibration of unconditional love.

By the authority of Jesus Christ I hereby invoke the consuming fire of our God. I see and accept that God’s unconditional and unlimited love engulfs the entire planet and consumes all unlike itself. I accept that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

In the name of Jesus Christ, it is done, it is finished, it is sealed in the heart of God and in the heart of matter, now and forever. Amen.


  Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels