Why are so many people on welfare?

TOPICS: Materialism brings up children with no sense of purpose – if there is no self-transcendence, why not be on welfare? – power elite wants to pacify people – a universal spiritual culture –

Question: When I moved to Great Britain, I noticed a certain social problem. There is a group of people who don’t want to go to work, who claim welfare benefits, and I am wondering if it is global politics because, in fact, government offices encourage these people to receive benefits. And I am wondering if it is global politics to let them be dependent on the government all the time.

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

This is indeed the consequence of global politics, namely the philosophy of scientific materialism, which brings up an entire generation to believe that life has no purpose and meaning. So there are those who have grown up believing that there is no point in striving to improve yourself. For what is the point if you are just a highly evolved animal who will one day disappear when the physical body draws its last breath?

You can find no purpose in life unless you have a spiritual perspective. But you can find no true purpose in life unless you have a firm understanding of the reality of reincarnation, where you realize that your lifestream can rise to higher levels in succeeding embodiments, eventually ascending permanently to the spiritual realm.

So what you see in the richest nations in the world is that as they have become more secular and more materialistic. You have a growing percentage of the population who have no sense of purpose and meaning. And thus, they take advantage of the welfare system to its fullest. And they live a life where you might say that they are nothing more than animals or vegetables.

The problem here is that the power elite does not want to change this condition. For their biggest strategy is to keep the entire population trapped in a materialistic mindset that allows them to manipulate the population in this age. And so they are willing to absorb the cost, so to speak, of having a certain percentage of the people live off the welfare system.

They know full well that it is a problem they have created through their secularism and materialism. But they also believe that their philosophy is correct. Or, at least, they are willing to use that philosophy as they will use any philosophy to suppress the entire population. And so, for them the welfare system is simply the cost of doing business—of keeping the entire society locked in materialism.

This, of course, is something that we of the ascended masters would love to see change. But on the other hand, the highest priority is not to get the people off welfare but to get the entire society off the materialism that is the cause of it.

If you had a universal spiritual culture, people would see the value of improving themselves. People would see the value of living a life, where you come out more mature and with greater understanding and attainment than when you started life. And so living an entire lifetime at the same level of consciousness would simply be abhorrent to people who had a clear sense of purpose and direction.


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